Medical Tourism in Israel

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 11/20/2018
More and more people are seeking medical treatment abroad no matter which country they live in. Those in developing countries look for more advanced and better quality medical care in other countries. And those in first world countries like the USA and Western Europe look for cheaper medical care abroad – but still of a high standard. Israel appears to offer both reasonable medical fees and top quality medical professionals.

The Medical Tourism Index issued by the International Healthcare Research Center recently named Israel as one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world. Israel took first place for “best patient experience” and third overall out of 25 medical tourism destination. Approximately 50,000 medical tourists arrive in Israel each year many come from Eastern Europe but there are also patients from the US and UK. Among the most popular treatments, procedures and medical care for medical tourists in Israel is orthopedic procedures; cancer treatments; plastic surgery; infertility treatment (Israel has a high percentage of success in this area); cardiac surgery (particularly Bypass surgery) and diabetes.
Those suffering from Seborrhoeic dermatitis or psoriasis often come to Israel not only for conventional hospital treatment but also to take advantage of the natural beneficial properties of the Dead Sea. Those with rheumatological complaints and lung disease also benefit from treatments based on the Dead Sea mineral salts, sulphur springs, attenuated ultra-violet radiation, Dead Sea mud and the high oxygen content of the Dead Sea atmosphere.

Medical tourism in the Dead seaThe attraction of Israel as a medical tourism destination comes down to several factors:
Price – Not only is medical treatment cheaper in Israel than in other parts of the world but the hotels, airfare and miscellaneous expenses are also low in Israel
Medical Professionalism – Israeli doctors are highly respected and known for their abilities; they are constantly fine tuning of their skills through research and further study. Israel in general is known as a country where medical breakthroughs are frequently made. Unfortunately Israel has suffered several wars but this has given doctors the circumstances to practice and perfect their expertise in the fields of orthopedics and trauma related injuries.
Israel – When choosing a medical tourism destination the patients have to take into consideration that they will need time to recuperate. So the surroundings and the country itself need to be appealing. Israel offers sun shine, endless attractions, and tours to every corner of the land. Israel holds deep religious significance to Jews, Christians, Muslims and those of the Baha’i faith.
If you are considering traveling to another country for medical care then research the medical services offered in Israel and consider that you will be having a vacation in a stunning location once your medical procedure is over.