Eilat Coral Beach

About this place

Eilat is Israel's stunning beach resort city on the edge of the Red Sea. Along the shoreline, you have the red mountains as a backdrop and a view of Jordan across the translucent water. Each of Eilat's beaches is unique but none as magnificent as Coral Beach, home to natural coral reefs.

The beach is situated about 7km south of Eilat's city center along Taba Road and faces Coral Beach Nature Reserve, one of the most beautiful marine reserves in the world. The reefs lie parallel to the shore stretching for more than 1.2km and reaching depths of 6-12m. There are over 100 types of coral and more than 650 species of sea life in the reef off Coral Beach. These coral reefs are among the northernmost reefs in the world and as such are home to unique invertebrates and fish rarely seen in other reefs. 

Highlights of Coral Reef Beach, Eilat

Coral Beach is great for families thanks to the shallow wading pools near the shore. On one side of the reef, there are bridges built out over the water so that visitors can easily observe the reef and divers and snorkelers have easy access without damaging the reef or its inhabitants. There are lookout points over the reef where visitors can enjoy the views of the reef without actually diving.

 It is possible to rent a diving mask and snorkel at the beach and go swimming along the edges of the reef. Divers can see even more of this underwater wonderland by going closer and deeper into the sea. The beach has all the seafront amenities you might need including toilets, showers, sun loungers, deck chairs, showers, and an adjacent store and restaurant.

Coral Beach as a Conservation Area

Although this beach offers incredible access to coral reefs it is also vigorously protected to minimize damage by human interference. Visitors have been provided with bridges so that they can view the reef without harming it and signs, markers and barriers to ensure that the reefs are protected even when visitors are swimming nearby.

Vulnerable areas of the reef have been cordoned off so that access is limited; for example, the heart of the reef – the Japanese Gardens cannot be directly accessed by swimmers and divers. There are regular awareness talks and guided tours explaining the importance of conservation. Other measures in place to protect the coral reefs include laws, regulations and daily cleaning of the beach. The number of visitors allowed on the beach at any one time is limited and there is a small entrance fee required.

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