About this place

Dolphin Reef Eilat is an absolute must for any trip to Eilat! If you plan to spend time on the beach in Eilat then why not do it here where you have the added bonus of excellent facilities and dolphins. At Dolphin Reef, you can observe and swim with dolphins which can move freely between their natural habitat in the open sea and an enclosed area. It is not a dolphin show like you might see at an aquarium.

If the bottle-nosed dolphins are in the mood, they’ll come into the Dolphin Reef’s large enclosed lagoon, to be fed, and to play. The utopian relationship between the dolphins and humans is one of mutual respect. Visitors pay an entrance fee to Dolphin Reef and can use the many facilities including a restaurant with servers that bring your order to where you’re sitting on the beach, a souvenir store, toilets, showers, beach chairs, and umbrellas.

There is an enclosed swimming area just for people, and beyond that, the area where dolphins come and go. Floating piers let you get even closer to the dolphins. If you choose to, you can opt to snorkel or dive with the dolphins (for an additional fee). The dive is accompanied by professional instructors, and you can even have your photo or video taken with the dolphins underwater. Dolphin Reef is a slice of paradise, perfect for visitors young and old.