Israeli Cinema

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 10/3/2018
While on vacation in Israel you might want to see a movie so here is some useful information about Israeli cinemas.

What is an Israel Cinema Like?

Israeli cinemas are very much like the ones you would go to in the US or Europe. International movies dominate the screens with most coming from the US and the UK. Luckily for English-speaking visitors, international English-language movies are subtitled rather than dubbed. So you can enjoy the film just as you would in your home country.

The one exception is animated children’s films. These are usually dubbed into Hebrew so ask at the box office if there is also an un-dubbed screening. Israeli cinemas also screen home-grown movies which are in Hebrew and with Hebrew subtitles most of the time. Israeli cinema is of a very high standard especially Israeli comedy.

You would probably enjoy an Israeli comedy film even without knowing the language. Screening times are approximately from 10:00 in the morning to the last show at 22:00. Cinema complexes often have later showings including midnight shows. Cinema City complexes have a VIP cinema in addition to the regular cinemas.

VIP tickets are more expensive but include an open buffet of movie food like popcorn, coffee, cold drinks, wine, chips, cakes, pretzels and ice cream. In the VIP cinema you get to sit on comfortable armchairs and can even have a blanket if you’re cold!

Price of Israeli Movies

You can book cinema tickets online (but the sites are in Hebrew only) or at the box office. Once you get to the cinema you can line up at the box office and purchase your tickets or use the automatic ticket machine. Tickets can be bought in advance or just before the show starts. Ticket prices are standardized and there is no children’s discount.

A regular cinema tickets costs 38ILS, a discount ticket (for soldiers) is 26ILS, seniors 19ILS for Israeli films and 26ILS for international films. 3D movies cost a little more at 45ILS. VIP movies cost 129ILS. Purchasing your tickets online or over the phone cost slightly more and many credit cards offer 1+1 deals. Movies at Cinemateuqe Tel-Aviv cost 38ILS to 41.6ILS.

Top Israeli Cinema Complexes

Tel-Aviv the CinematequeIn Tel-Aviv the Cinemateque (2 HaArba’a St.)is the best known complex and screens mainly independent films, festival films, foreign language films, classic movies and artistic films. There are 5 cinema theatres at the Cinemateque complex. There is also a Cinemateque in Haifa and Jerusalem.

The main cinema complexes in Israel are Cinema City and Yes Planet. Many of the cinema complexes have entertaining décor, life-size figures of famous movie stars, and offer other activities in addition to the movies. The cinema complexes are often in malls. One of the most popular and fun complexes close to Tel-Aviv is Cinema City Glilot.

The Cinema City Jerusalem (10 Yitzchak Rabin Blvd.) is the largest cultural and entertainment center in the city. It has 8 floors, 19 cinema theatres, restaurants, cafes, other kinds of indoor entertainment and a mall. The corridors of the complex are brightly decorated with film characters, posters and activities for kids.

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