Is it Safe to Travel to Tel Aviv?

By Sarah Mann | Published on 1/21/2024

Tel Aviv has a well-deserved reputation for white sandy beaches, quirky independent cafes, fantastic bars, and legendary nightlife, With its tree-lined streets, Mediterranean feel, and young and liberal population, it’s an incredibly popular place to visit, and plenty of PRO guided trips in Tel Aviv will show you its splendor.  

is tel aviv safe to visitA tourist enjoys the Tel Aviv Carmel Market

However, watching the news can often leave people thinking of visiting a bit anxious - wondering if Israel is a ‘hotspot’ for trouble turmoil or war. Not surprisingly then. we’re always asked if it’s safe to travel to Tel Aviv. And we always say ‘yes’ in return, because whilst there are things to watch out for (as with every city you visit, as a tourist) it’s still remarkably safe and friendly.  

Is Tel Aviv a safe city to walk around at night?

Tel Aviv is known as the Non-Stop City and with good reason - it’s a place where there’s action 24/7 and no more so than when the sun goes down. Known for its vibrant scene, it’s got plenty of bars that stay open until very late and nightclubs that often don’t close until the sun has risen!  

The good news, however, is that it’s an incredibly safe destination to walk around. For much of the year, because the temperature is so clement, you’ll see people out and about way after midnight, and at 3 am it’s not rare to see locals on the streets walking their dogs, popping out to the convenience stores, eating ice-cream or simply coming home from a night out on the town.

is it safe to visit tel avivThe streets of Jaffa are full of life even at night

Violent crime is extremely rare and, should you feel uncomfortable and shout out on the street, the chances are that ten friendly locals will run to your aid. As with all cities, you should be careful with your belongings (don’t leave them unattended on the beach, if you decide to go into the Mediterranean for a quick dip) but it’s surprising just how honest people are and how you’ll often see things left behind in cafes and on buses returned to their owners.   

What’s the political situation like in Tel Aviv?

The Middle East has a reputation for being a volatile part of the world and, for sure, some tensions flare up and abate, periodically, in this part of the world. Israel has had its share of ups and downs since the establishment of the state in 1948, and if you watch the news from far away, it often seems that it’s a dangerous place.

However, it's quite common for tourists to arrive in Israel and head to Tel Aviv and soon be shaking their heads at how laid back and ‘chilled out’ the city is. Tel Aviv has a reputation for being a bit of a party city, but even those who don’t party often find themselves wiling away their days drinking coffee and soaking up the sun’s rays, rather than worrying about the state of the world.

is it safe to visit tel avivIsraeli people just walk the streets as usual

During 2023 however, large rallies and anti-government protests have sprung up throughout the country, with their largest always being in Tel Aviv. They began weekly, on Saturday nights, at Kaplan Street, in the Sarona area, but some are held mid-week and in the day.

The vast majority of the time, protests are very peaceful although occasionally there has been some conflict between the police and protestors. However, since these rallies and gatherings are being held in an area far from where tourists usually visit (Kaplan Street is not close to the beach the shopping area of Dizengoff, or the beautiful backstreets and the old Jaffa Port) the chances are that you may not even be aware that protests are being held.

Finally, it’s important to remember that Israelis are very vocal when it comes to politics - no one holds back, everyone is very clear in their opinions, and often when you see two people yelling at each other in the street, this means nothing more than they’re having a high-spirited discussion!  

What kind of situations should I be vigilant about in Tel Aviv?

As we’ve said, Tel Aviv is a very safe city, compared to many you’ll travel in Europe or North America, but there will always be people trying to pull the wool over your eyes, wherever you travel.  The main things you might want to watch out for are:

1. Taxis. If you’re going to be taking a cab, either ask the driver to put the meter on before setting off (you can insist upon it - it’s the law) or agree on a price beforehand. If you have a smartphone, you can download the ‘Gett’ app and order a taxi directly, rather than take your chances with one on the street.

2. Bicycle Theft. This is the most common kind of theft in Tel Aviv - seriously! If you are renting a bike privately (which is not a City Bike) then make sure you have a good lock with you.

3. Pickpockets. As with any big city, you’re always going to have to be vigilant when it comes to your possessions. Most theft takes place on the beach (as we said, if you want to take a dip ask a friendly local or fellow tourist to guard your wallet and phone!  

Is Tel Aviv a safe place for women to travel alone?

Israel is a modern and liberal country where women are active and involved in every part of society. Tel Aviv is, by far and away, the most progressive part of the country, and very modern in every sense of the word, so it’s a great place for females to travel alone.

Not only does everyone speak English, which helps if you need to ask for help  (and many people speak Russian, French, and Spanish too), but women who travel to Israel alone consistently say how safe they feel. The streets are well-lit at night (and busy) and the locals are very friendly. Chances are that if a man did harass you and you told someone on the street about it, they’d go and shout at him!  

is it safe to visit tel avivA girl at night eating cotton candy at the Tel Aviv Port

Of course, if a woman is traveling solo, but wants to meet others on her trip, there’s always the option of booking an organized tour - whether you want to rent a bike, explore the Jaffa Flea Market, or go on a food tour in Carmel Market, there will be other people who want the same thing and it’s a good chance for you to make new friends. 

The Bottom Line: How Safe Is Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv has just had a bumper tourist summer and the coming months look busy too so we have no hesitation whatsoever in telling you to visit. Of course, if you feel even the slightest bit nervous, you can always book an organized package tour to Israel - this way, your accommodation and itinerary will be organized for you and you’ll also have a guide with you, just in case you have any problems or simply want advice on where to buy your souvenirs from Israel! 

is it safe to visit tel avivJudaica in an Israeli Market

Whether it’s your first time in Israel or you’re a returning visitor, there’s so much going on, and, having been in this business for over 30 years, we’re old hands at knowing what kinds of things people like to do on holiday in the Holy Land. All of our guides are certified and licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and between them speak several languages. We offer all kinds of accommodation and whether you’re a Christian pilgrim, a backpacker or simply looking for a holiday with family-friendly activities in Israel, we can help.

So If you have any questions or queries or would like to know more about all the day trips, privately-guided tours, and packages we offer to Israel, and also to Jordan, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.