Culture in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is not just a city with high-tech, nightclubs, beach parties, world-class cuisine, and hipster coffee bars. It is also a city packed with cultural attractions. Whether you’re interested in music, dance, film, theater, or art, you’ll find something in Tel Aviv that interests you. Tel Aviv is a melting pot of rich and diverse cultures that are showcased in art galleries, museums, and performance venues, throughout the city. 

A range of music genres can be heard in Tel Aviv’s many venues. Israel’s top singers and international stars frequently perform at large outdoor concerts. Dance performances in Tel Aviv are as diverse as the city’s people. Modern, classic, and alternative dance is performed at the Suzanne Dellal Center, which is home to the Batsheva Dance Company.

The best-known theaters in Tel Aviv are the Habima National Theater, Beit Lessin Theater, Gesher, Tzavfta, and the Cameri Theater. Each of these theaters has its own permanent actors’ company and also host visiting companies. For the latest film releases of international and local movies, head for Lev Cinema at Dizengoff Center, Rav Hen Cinema on Ben Ami Street, or the large cinema complex at Yes Planet Ayalon. For more alternative, art films, and indie cinema try the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.