Celebrating Tel Aviv Pride 2023: The Complete guide

By Sarah Mann | Published on 6/4/2023

Tel Aviv’s reputation for being a Non-Stop City is well-deserved - anyone visiting here will be struck by just how exciting, vibrant, and dynamic it is. With a young and liberal population, it’s an increasingly popular place for digital nomads to stay and, with its lazy beat and Mediterranean vibe, there’s no better place to have fun.

And if you don’t believe us, visit the city during Pride - when it really comes alive with tens of thousands of visitors descending upon it for a week of celebrations - from dawn to dusk.  

Celebrating Tel Aviv Pride 2023Tel Aviv Pride Parade

Marches in the city for gay rights actually began, 25 years ago, in a small way but today Tel Aviv is world-famous for its Parade, which is held at the beginning of June each year and attracts 250,000 plus revelers!

What makes Tel Aviv Pride so unique?

We’re often asked what makes Tel Aviv Pride so special there’s no one answer to this question.  It’s partly because it was the first city in Israel to ever hold a Pride celebration.  And also because it’s the largest LGBTQ festival of its kind in the Middle East (in fact, all of Asia).

Tel Aviv Pride is full of floats, their participants in colorful outfits, plenty of Drag Queens, and a heady mix of locals and international visitors both in the Parade and cheering on participants. The warm temperatures and blue skies add to the fun!

Celebrating Tel Aviv Pride 2023- Everybody loves Tel Aviv PrideEverybody loves Tel Aviv Pride!

Because Tel Aviv is such a liberal city, there’s a great atmosphere at Pride.  The local authority supports many of the events that run throughout the week (including a Pride picnic for young families), the Mayor - Ron Huldai - often speaks at events, and City Hall is lit up all week in rainbow colors.  Everywhere you walk  - both on the streets and at the beaches - you’ll see rainbow flags fluttering, Embassies with banners on their walls stating ‘Love is Love’, and - of course - the obligatory rainbow cupcakes in the many outstanding bakeries in the city.

Trust us, Tel Aviv Pride is really on the global calendar.  

When is Tel Aviv Pride this year?

Pride week in Tel Aviv this year begins on Sunday 4th June and runs until Saturday 10th June.  And there’s really something for everyone - whether you’re looking to meet new friends whilst sunning yourself at the Hilton Beach (the unofficial ‘gay beach’ in Tel Aviv), dance the night away at nightclubs, or simply join/watch the Pride Parade celebrations themselves.

Where in Tel Aviv does the Pride Parade take place?

The Pride parade this year is actually divided into two parts - one that starts in the evening and goes into the night and the other that is held in the afternoon, which makes it very family-friendly.

Thursday night is when the celebrations kick-off, at the Herbert Samuel Promenade, overlooking Tel Aviv’s beautiful beaches and the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea.  As the sun goes down, the dancing will begin and it’s sure to go on way into the night.

Celebrating Tel Aviv Pride 2023- Don't have a flag? no worries, just pick one on the wayDon't have a flag? no worries, just pick one on the way

Then on Friday, at lunchtime, the action moves to Ganei Yehoshua, a huge park in north Tel Aviv, which is hosting the celebrations.  From noon onwards, expect enormous crowds and not only will there be a large stage and dancing area, but also bars, food stands and even water sprinklers (it can get very hot at this time of the year!)

Over the Pride week, what kind of events are being held?

There's plenty of nightlife to choose from in Tel Aviv over Pride Week and some of the places we’d recommend trying out include:

Shapagat - this is one of the most well-known and lively gay bars in the city and is hosting a series of special Pride events all month.  Over Pride week, it’s going to be incredibly busy so show up early if you want to get in the door…

‘Forever Tel Aviv’ - this huge social event will be featuring enormous parties at the world-famous Haoman 17 nightclub including the infamous ‘Tel a Beef’ party (a must for anyone who’s a bit ‘out there…!’)

Saraya - Between the 8th and 12th of June, this huge complex (spread over three floors) boasts a wet and dry sauna, luxurious jacuzzi, bar, and dance floor complete with DJ.  Book your ticket now! 

Crush Pride - this three-day festival will include pop music, gorgeous Drag Queens, and a hip crowd.  Expect mega events with special local and international acts, as well as a rooftop party overlooking the beach.

Waterpark Party - On Thursday 8th June, from 12 noon to 12 midnight, the Shefayim Water Park is hosting the only all-day party of Pride.  Expect fun in the sun, with special DJs playing sets created especially for the day.    

What other activities are there to do in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is really a great city to explore, since it's not just home to sandy white beaches but also boasts endless Bauhaus buildings, tiny independent coffee shops, and boutique stores. charming neighborhoods with narrow streets and the old city of Jaffa.

It’s easy to get around - you can walk, rent a bike, jump on an electric scooter, take local buses, or grab a cab.  Unlike Jerusalem, it’s flat (which is a godsend in hot weather).  And if you have some free time after Pride, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy yourself.,

Top of your list should be a visit to Jaffa, which is home to the ancient Jaffa harbor, a charming Artist’s Quarter (full of cobbled streets and beautiful old houses), and the famous Flea Market. The ‘From Shuk to Chic’ tour takes you all around the area, and with any luck, you’ll grab a bargain before sitting down in one of the tiny cafes nearby, for a cold lemonade and some local food.

Bauhaus tours are also popular - walk the streets of Rothschild and Ahad Ha’am in the old historic part of the city and learn why Tel Aviv is known as the ‘White City’.  And no one should miss a visit to the Carmel Market - a place known for its lively atmosphere.  Whether you want to browse for spices, halva, dates, and Judaica souvenirs, grab some street food, or chill out with a coffee or beer, this is the place to do it.

And, finally - however you celebrate Pride this week in Tel Aviv, have a great time in our fantastic country!