Beaches at the Dead Sea

Israel’s beaches on the western shore of the Dead Sea are truly unique. The sea is 9.6 times saltier than the ocean and offers the opportunity to float on the water as you’re kept buoyant by the high salt content. The water and surrounding dark mud are rich in minerals and have beneficial health and beauty properties. The Dead Sea lies at the lowest point on Earth, where the air is high in oxygen, and the sunshine has fewer harmful UV rays. So while you’re relaxing on the beach or floating in the water, you’ll be benefiting from the Dead Sea environment.

You’ll need to pay to visit Ein Gedi Beach; Neve Midbar Beach; Biankini Beach, and Kalia Beach. Free Dead Sea beaches include the old Ein Gedi Beach and the Segregated Beach (with hours for separate male and female bathing). Kalia Beach is one of the northernmost Dead Sea beaches and has Dead Sea mud readily available, a beach bar, and a gift shop.

Neve MidBar Beach is popular with young visitors and has a lawn, bar, and barbeque area. Alongside Neve MidBar is Biankini Beach, home to a well-known Moroccan restaurant. Ein Gedi Beach has many facilities including sulfur pools, a restaurant, a freshwater pool, and a spa. Wide beaches stretch out in front of luxury waterfront hotels in Ein Bokek