Ideas for a day tour in Natanya

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
2 min
The city of Natanya, also known as the Israeli Riviera, is on the northern Mediterranean coast of the Sharon coastal plain of Israel. Natanya is the largest city on the coast between Tel-Aviv and Haifa and is known for its international atmosphere, perhaps due to the large population of French residence. The city’s location places it within easy access of both the attractions in the north and central Israel. Nature lovers can also find beautiful parks and reserves like the Black Iris Reserve and Ramat Poleg just outside the city and a chance to participate in outdoor activities like horse riding and hiking.

Natanya is a beach resort city with wide stretches of sandy beach along the length of the city. A series of promenades run parallel to the beach with stores, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, sports facilities, art galleries and benches. 12km of beach run along the edge of the city and visitors can try a number of water sports just off the coast. One of the many Natanya beaches which offers water sports, kayak hire and has a Dive Shop and Hapoel Marine Sports Club is the Amphi Beach. Herzl Beach is great for families as the beach is lined with outdoor cafes and playgrounds. From the beachfront a pedestrian street takes you into the city center.

Along this street and into the city you will find unique boutiques and stores selling a range of goods. Part of Natanya’s charm is the small-town feel of the stores which are run by the owners rather than being impersonal big name brand chain stores. For the brand names and international chain stores rather head for Natanya’s mall. In the Natanya mall you’ll find up-market fashion boutiques, entertainment and eateries. For a taste of the Middle East and a totally different shopping experience visit the Natanya market. There is a daily open-air fresh produce market with stalls selling exotic spices and produce straight from the farms. In the industrial area (which is not far from the city center) you’ll find an outdoor market selling all manner of goods – clothing, shoes, household goods, accessories, jewelry and more.

Natanya has several museums including the Museum of Yemenite Jewish Heritage where you can learn all about this unique culture and their history. The Beit Hagdudim (Jewish Legion) Museum looks at the history of the Jewish Legion during World War One. Natanya has many small art galleries each displaying unique Israeli art. When the sun goes down Natanya offers nightclubs, music clubs, theatre and beachfront strolls along the many promenades.