Health Benefits of the Dead Sea

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018

Many want to visit the Dead Sea as it is an iconic site and one of the most amazing wonders of the world. People want to be able to say they’ve been to the “lowest point on Earth”. But another, and arguably more important reason to visit the Dead Sea is that it can be good for your health. For thousands of years the Dead Sea environment has attracted visitors who come to enjoy its health promoting properties.

Dead Sea Sun

At approximately 417 meters below sea level the harmful solar rays have further to travel and thus are filtered on their way through the air, by air molecules, water vapor and aerosols (minerals). This leaves only the useful and beneficial rays which reach the Dead Sea. The region has pleasant weather with sunny days almost the entire year.


The air in the Dead Sea environment has a high oxygen density of 15% above the average levels. The air is also dry, virtually allergen free and there is little humidity so that those with repertory problems find it easier to breath. The air at the Dead Sea is specifically healthy for those with asthma. The high concentration of bromine and magnesium in the air relaxes and relieves tension.


The highly saline water of the Dead Sea has a unique composition of minerals and therapeutic salts. The water is 32% salt as compare to the salt level in ocean water of 3%. When you swim in the sea your skin is stimulated and nourished easing joint ailments, relaxing the nerves and stimulating the circulation system. The saline density prohibits the body from sinking so that you can relax (mentally and physically) while floating on the water.

Dead Sea Mud

People floating in mineral rich Dead Sea water The mud which forms the sea bed and the banks of the sea, contains the same rich mineral mix found in the water so that this handy natural skin “mask” can be smoothed over the skin to allow the minerals to be directly absorbed. The mud stimulates blood circulation and can help those with rheumatism. The sea and mud contain sulfur, magnesium, calcium, chloride, sodium, bromide, potassium and other trace elements. In all there are 21 essential minerals and 12 are unique to the Dead Sea.
A combination of the air, filtered solar rays, mineral rich water and mud can be beneficial to those suffering from skin diseases, specifically psoriasis, arthritis and dermatitis. The Dead Sea benefits not only your health but your looks as the mud and water cleanses and softens your skin. You’ll find that after a visit your skin will feel and look rejuvenated. The benefits don’t have to end when you leave the Dead Sea as Dead Sea products are sold around the world and at the Dead Sea itself. At the Dead Sea you can even buy bags of the black mud to take home with you!

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