Ein Chardalit Spring

About this place

The Ein Chardalit (Hardelit) Spring is one of five springs that feed the Kziv Stream in the Upper Galilee. Ein Chardalit runs through the Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve. The crystal-clear water is easily accessible and has become a popular place to enjoy untouched nature. Pools of cool spring water are shaded by the surrounding vegetation. Fig trees, sycamore trees, oaks, raspberry bushes, eucalyptus trees, and tall reeds help to create this paradise oasis. Water levels vary according to rainfall and the seasons.

The water in the pools is usually between knee-height and waist height, and along the stream, it is usually ankle to knee height. The national water carrier (Mekorot) pumps the spring water for use by local residents. Then they release the rest of the water back into the Kziv Stream. Ein Chardalit is in the western part of Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve where there are hike trails, natural attractions, and ancient ruins. 

What Does Ein Chardalit Mean? 

Ein is Hebrew for spring. Hardelit describes a fast, strong flowing stream that originates in the mountains and reaches a pool that holds at least 40 se’ah. Se’ah was an ancient unit of measurement found in the Bible (Genesis 18:6). It refers specifically to the depth of a ritual bath (mikvah).

Ein Chardalit Hike Trail

The Ein Chardalit hike trail is a short, wet hike following the stream for 200-300-meters. The family-friendly route involves wading through the water. Wear shoes and clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. And don’t be tempted to go barefoot as the pebbles on the stream bed are difficult to walk on without protection.

There is also a dry route alongside the stream. The trail starts after a five-minute walk from the Ein Harelit parking lot near Moshav Abdon. The first wading pool is about 200-meters from the start of the trail. If you continue about 1km, you’ll reach the pool created by the national water carrier pipe releasing water back into the stream. This is the larger and more impressive of the pools. 

Along the route, thick greenery surrounds you on both sides. At some places, the overgrown plants form a natural tunnel stretching from one side of the stream to the other. The water is shallow and calm most of the way. There are small fish in the water, and the sun breaks through the treetops to sparkle on the water surface. You can walk the Ein Chardalit trail at any time of the year. In summer water is at its lowest; in autumn you can enjoy fall foliage; in springtime, there are wildflowers, and in the winter the water level is at its highest.  

Nahal Kziv 

The Kziv Stream is a perennial stream that runs for 39-kilometers through northern Israel’s stunning countryside. It is the longest stream in the Western Galilee flowing from the western side of Mount Meron to just north of Achziv and the sea. The stream passes through the Nahal Kziv valley, a gully with thick vegetation. Overlooking the valley from the southern ridge is the 12-century Crusader Montfort fortress. Most of the stream runs through the Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve where you will find the Ein Chardalit Spring. Take a moment to escape the bustling cities and enjoy the idyllic hike through Ein Chardalit’s cool water.

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