7 Best Escape Rooms in Tel Aviv

By Sarah Mann | Published on 5/15/2024
The Escape Room craze has swept many parts of the world, including Israel, and if you’re visiting Tel Aviv and looking for something a bit out-of-the-ordinary to do then you’re in luck. Tel Aviv’s Escape Rooms are enormous fun, endlessly intriguing and - best of all - many have English language options.

Escape Rooms are more than just pure fun - they’re the ultimate ‘team activity’ where you work together to solve logical puzzles, work out hidden cues and follow a storyline in the hope that you’ll solve the mystery. 

Perfect for a date night, birthday celebration, bachelorette party, team building activity or just a gang of friends looking for an unusual evening out, all you need to do is decide which one appeals most. Here’s our guide to what we think are some of the best escape rooms in Tel Aviv…so get your sleuthing hats on.


One of the most visited and popular escape rooms in Tel Aviv, Titanic (as you’ve guessed) refers to the infamous cruise liner that, after hitting an iceberg, sank in the Atlantic in 1912. The game is set on the ship, with panic and hysteria sweeping the decks as passengers realise there aren’t enough lifeboats and, in the cold and dark, are desperately trying to save themselves and their loved ones.

As for you, along with some friends, you had earlier been caught stealing from the upper deck and, as punishment, were locked up. Can you break free and escape death by drowning as this incredible ship slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean?

Titanic comes highly recommended - it’s quite technical and mechanical and has some cool effects (although the flashing lights might be problematic for some) and the problems can be quite maddening. But those who go there say it really forces you to think creatively. 

Best Escape Rooms in Tel Aviv

An attempt to solve a Mexican-style puzzle

2. Motel Panorama

A young woman approaches a private investigator, telling her she spent the night in a motel in south Tel Aviv and felt the presence of someone watching her whilst she slept. The company sends out a woman named Jane to check out the motel but after two nights Jabe goes missing.

Where is Jane and has something terrible happened to her? It’s up to you to find out and try and save her - time is of the essence and with a human life hanging in the balance. you don’t have a moment to lose. With a well-decorated room, interesting riddles and even the experience of a live actor, you’re going to love this one.

A young team searching for clues on a map while solving a mystery

A young team searching for clues on a map while solving a mystery

3. Alice in Wonderland

Ideal for those with young children, Alice in Wonderland is, as you might imagine, rather a magical experience where, just like Alice, you’ll be following a white rabbit down a hole and into a very special Kingdom named Wonderland. Your task will be to help Alice escape and return home - and who knows what bizarre characters and odd experiences you’ll have in the meantime…

With plenty of color and magic, this is an ideal escape room for the little ones (note there are two versions, and the one just for adults is a bit harder). The kids’ version also includes a unique clue book, which will let them solve the puzzles for themselves.

Intriguing style escape room

Intriguing style escape room

4. The Illuminati

Most who’ve experienced this one rave about it but with one caveat - this is not an escape room for the faint of heart! The Illuminati (a secret society which controls the world through shadowy tactics) have - over hundreds of years - amassed so much power and money, they’re causing havoc on the world stage at every turn.

You are a group of investigators, whose tireless efforts have led you to the Dizengoff Centre in Tel Aviv, where this ‘shadow order’ has their HQ. Will you be able to get inside, expose them and save mankind in the process?

The Illuminati escape room is both challenging and interesting with a room full of unusual puzzles. Complex (probably best for teenagers rather than young children) this is really one for those who want to flex their grey matter.

A team looking in the bucket in search of a conundrum solution to get out of the trap

A team looking in the bucket in search of a conundrum solution to get out of the trap

5. Shabak

Known as ‘Shin Bet’ to the rest of the world but in the Hebrew language named ‘Shabak’, Israel’s internal secret service is legendary, recruiting the brightest and best for a career in homeland security - gathering intelligence, recruiting informers and protecting the state. But it’s no easy task to be accepted into this agency - there’s a grueling set of challenges you have to deal with before you can become a bona fide spy.

‘Shabak’ is perfect for anyone who ever wondered what the world of subterfuge was all about, or secretly fancied themselves as the next James Bond. If you want to find out whether a life of adventure (and some danger) is right for you, then come to this escape room where, in one hour, you’ll be given a set of challenges to see if you’re cut out for a career in this ‘cloak and dagger’ industry.

6. Prison Break 

After having been accused of a serious robbery (in which the police fabricated evidence against you) you’ve been sentenced to life imprisonment at the notorious Etzel Prison. At the moment you’ve almost begun to lose hope, you learn that a small group of prisoners are planning to ‘break out’ and you’re going to be put in the cell with them. Is this your final chance at freedom? You’ll have 60 minutes to make it happen.

With excellent background music and lighting just perfect, reviewers say this is a fantastic experience. There are lots of riddles and puzzles that have been very well thought out, this is a game where teamwork is paramount so it’s great for those who want to get to know each other a little better.

7. Hotel California

Made famous by the Eagles rock band, the song everyone knows talks about the hotel you can check out of any time but never really leave. This escape room’s a homage to that theme, with you investigating the mysterious Room 138 of the Hotel California - strange sounds, odd activities. The question is, if you enter this room, will you come out alive?

Visitors here talk about the creepy atmosphere, with quite a high ‘fear’ level (though the operator can dial it down if you get too scared!) The plot is fascinating and there are some complex puzzles to decode - this escape room is certainly not for the faint-hearted!