The Most Recommended Restaurants in Tel Aviv

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 11/24/2019
Tel Aviv is packed with excellent restaurants; whatever your taste and whatever your style you’ll find a restaurant in Tel Aviv that puts a smile on your face. To get you started here is a list of some of the city’s favorite eateries.

The Best Restaurants on Rothschild Boulevard

Location: 15 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv

This is one of the few places in the city where you can find good Vietnamese food. At Vong they use fresh ingredients and add the essential Asian flavors to their dishes. Portion sizes are generous and the prices are fair.

Rothschild 12
Location: 12 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv

At this trendy eatery, you might have to wait for a table. Diners can choose from indoor seating or outdoor seating in the shaded patio where there is a bar and small stage. If you want to meet locals then take a seat at one of the communal tables. 

Milgo & Milbar
Location: 142 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv

This “in” establishment is where the cool guys hang-out. They serve up Mediterranean dishes and quality seafood prepared by young and innovative chefs. The restaurant is located in a Bauhaus building just across from the National Theatre, Habima.

Tel Aviv Restaurants with the Best Views

Blue Sky
Location: Carlton Hotel, 15 Eliezer Peri Street, Tel Aviv

Enjoy delicious Kosher Asian dishes prepared by celebrity chef, Meir Adoni as you look out across the Tel Aviv waterfront. Dishes are always innovative and created with attention to detail while the views are stunning night or day. 

Manta Ray
Location: 703 Kaufman Street, Tel Aviv

You can watch the sunset while you enjoy the seafood, Mediterranean dishes and local cuisine at Manta Ray. This restaurant is a regular on lists of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. In addition to the seafood, Manta-Ray serves up meat and chicken dishes as well as Mezzes which have become one of the most sort after dining treats in the city.

Kitchen Market
Location: 12 Hanger Street, Tel Aviv

Located on the upper floor of the Farmers’ Market at Tel Aviv’s trendy port this restaurant offers views of the sea and the seafront. So for people watching or a tranquil sea view this is the place. The kitchen sources its ingredients from the farmers’ market below and dishes are contemporary fusion creations.

The Best Bakeries in Tel Aviv


Lehamim (breads) has several branches in Tel Aviv as well as a few in New York. This is a kosher bakery offering a wide range of breads, cakes, sandwiches, cookies, pies and pastries. At their branches at 103 Hashmonaim and at 125 Ibn Gvirol you can sit while you enjoy their huge Israeli breakfast and other treats.


Simply named this French-style bakery has 5 branches in Tel Aviv. Attention is paid to detail with the Bakery’s muffins, cakes, pastries, cookies, croissants, breads and babkas. The Bakery supplies baked goods to a number of the city’s top restaurants. 

Bread Story
Location: 88 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv

This café-bakery has an extensive menu of baked goods and offers daily specials. It is always buzzing with customers who come to see what the bread-of-the-day is. They offer gluten-free options and are known for their complex flavors. 

The Best Meat Restaurants in Tel Aviv

M25 Meat Market
Location: 30 HaCarmel Street, Tel Aviv

Just off of Carmel Market is a meat market where you’ll find this popular meat restaurant. This place uses the freshest, best-quality cuts bought straight from the surrounding meat venders and the menu changes daily but is always prepared to perfection. 

Bar Ochel
Location: 38 HaCarmel Street, Tel Aviv

Bar Ochel (Food Bar) is another gem hidden among the hustle and bustle of Carmel Market. Try Bar Ochel’s juicy kebabs or their succulent steaks. There are also vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options as well as fish dishes. You can opt to sit outside where you can see the market life passing you by.

Location: 4 Heihal HaTalmud Street, Tel Aviv

This is a French-style bistro lounge housed in a restored mansion. Try their grilled meats and delicious steaks. On Wednesdays and Saturdays you can watch a movie while you eat a dish inspired by the film. 

The Best Asian Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Ca-Phe Hanoi
Location: 3 Malkhei Yisrael Street, Tel Aviv

Indulge in delicious Vietnamese food at this stylish eatery. The restaurant is part of a French-owned restaurant and dishes are inspirational. Try the chicken with ginger and lemongrass that has been soaking in spices for seven hours or the steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves. 

Location: 7 Montefiore Street, Tel Aviv

Tyo is a Japanese lounge-bar that tops the Trip Advisor list of best Asian restaurants in Tel Aviv. The restaurant is housed in a beautiful Tel Aviv building and offers a diverse menu with exotic flavors. The ingredients are super-fresh and top quality.

Thai House
Location: 8 Bograshov Street, Tel Aviv

At Thai House you are guaranteed top quality Thai food that makes you think you are in Thailand for an authentic meal beneath a thatched roof. There is an extensive menu that includes vegan and vegetarian options. Typical Asian dishes and Thai street food are created and portions are large so come hungry.

The Best Italian Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Location: Sarona Market, Tel Aviv

Rustico has three branches in Tel Aviv all serving typical Italian pizza, pasta, meatballs, pies and other comfort foods. The Italian flavors are authentic and the cuisine and attention to customers will make you think you are in Italy!

Nonno Angelo Pizza
Location: 147 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv

This Italian pizza joint is run by two brothers who are continuing their family trade of Neapolitan-style pizza making. You can choose to take your pizza home or sit in the simple interior where the smell of freshly oven-baked pizza will keep your mouth watering.

Location: 38 Shlomo HaMelekh Street, Tel Aviv

Locals flock to this award-winning establishment for the pizza, Bolognese, pasta, calamari, Gnocchi and tiramisu. They offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. The atmosphere is warm and the smell of brick oven baked pizza fills the space.

The Best Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Location: Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv

At the helm of this kosher fine dining restaurant is Chef Meir Adoni. Lumina serves up traditional Jewish food with a modern and innovative twist. Adoni has taken well-loved favorites from various Jewish culinary traditions and given them his unique touch. 

The Chinese Wall
Location: 26 Mikvah Yisrael Street, Tel Aviv

Finding good Chinese food in Israel is difficult but The Chinese Wall offers not only excellent Asian cuisine but a rare kosher option. The Chinese Wall’s menu includes hand-made noodles; wontons; dim sum, potsticker and more. 

West Side
Location: Royal Beach Hotel, 19 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv

This is the place for kosher haute cuisine. West Side offers a seasonal menu of Asian and meat dishes including goose confit and some of the best cuts of meat in the city. The décor is reminiscent of hip New York eateries with a spacious and contemporary design.

The Best Tel Aviv Street Food Restaurants

Falafel Hakosem
Location: 1 Shlomo HaMelech Street, Tel Aviv

Trip Advisor rates Falafel Hakosem as the top Tel Aviv fast-food restaurant and it is also listed in numerous “best” lists of Tel Aviv street food. Here they serve classic Israeli street foods including shawarma, hummus, salads, herb-filled omelettes, chicken livers, chicken breast, schnitzel and the best falafel in town.

Frishman Sabich
Location: 42 Frishman Street, Tel Aviv

“Sabich” is a traditional Iraqi Jewish pita sandwich stuffed with fried aubergine (eggplant), hard-boiled egg, potato, herbs, spices, salad and tachini or hummus. Sabich is one of the “must-try” street foods of Tel Aviv. Be adventurous and try some “amba” a mango based spicy relish that adds a totally different flavor to the meal.

Location: 23 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv

There are several branches of Miznon in the Tel Aviv area but the most central is on Ibn Gvirol Street. serves gourmet Israeli fast food created by one of Israel’s top celebrity chefs, Eyal Shani. Here classic pita bread can be filled with less conventional ingredients all of the highest quality. This is Israeli street food at a fine dining level.

The Best Tel Aviv Vegan Restaurants

Location: 165 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv

Alegria offers an innovative menu of tasty, healthy dishes created by Chef Motti Nagar. The smoked vegan “cheeses” are particularly good and can be bought to go home. Try the fermented cashew labane or vegan feta or Gouda. 

Location: 30 Lilenblum Street, Tel Aviv

Nunuchka is a Tel Aviv vegan restaurant that gets its inspiration from Georgian cuisine. Originally Nunuchka served traditional meat-based Georgian food but when the chef, Nana Shrier became vegan in 2014 the restaurant followed suit. Now Nunuchka’s pastries are stuffed with mushrooms rather than meat and bean cutlets are on the menu instead of beef. You can choose to sit indoors or in the large garden or on the patio or gallery. At night Nunuchka turns into a lively bar with an incredible atmosphere.

Location: 54 Frishman Street, Tel Aviv

This Tel Aviv vegan café offers delicious meals and take-home treats. Anastasia was recently voted Tel Aviv’s Best Vegan Restaurant. Everything at Anastasia has been given close attention to detail – from the spacious indoor and outdoor seating; the tasteful décor and knowledgeable staff to the extensive, complex menu. There is also a small shop where you can find hard-to-get vegan products.