Restaurants in Eilat

Eating delicious food is all part of a fantastic vacation, and Eilat offers hundreds of eateries, food stalls, dinner cruises, beach bars, and fast food. In Eilat you can try all of the classic Israeli foods like hummus and pita bread, shawarma, and falafel. But the one thing you really should eat in Eilat is fish! This is a city by the sea, and Eilat restaurants specialize in delicious seafood. You can find kosher and non-kosher fish restaurants in Eilat including Rak Dugim, Les Sardines, Dagim BaYam, and the Fish Market.

To sample mouthwatering local Middle Eastern dishes visit Omer’s, Halev Harachav Achla Platinum Grill, or Shipudei Eilat. Feast of pizza, hamburgers, sushi, and Chinese. Pastory is known for its Italian food; Papi Grill for Argentinian meats, Ginger for Asian food, Little Brazil for meat-lovers, and sophisticated hamburgers at Whale Burger.

Some of Eilat’s best restaurants include Pedro, an eatery and wine bar in a garden; 5th Avenue, a fine dining establishment serving international cuisine; Campania, a contemporary Mediterranean Chef’s restaurant, and Pago Pago, a French-Middle Eastern eatery at the marina. But perhaps the best meals you’ll have in Eilat will be from the beach bars that serve you simple, delicious food as you relax on the beach, like Bar Beach, Nine Beach, Maman Beach, Mosh Beach.