Water Skiing in Israel

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 8/27/2018

Israelis love water sports and having fun in the water. Luckily Israel has sunny weather most of the year so the water sport season is longer than in most countries. Almost all year round you can find places to water ski in Israel. Here are the top water ski hot sports in Israel.

skiing in the sea

Water Skiing in the See of Gallile

Most of the beaches around the Sea of Galilee offer water sports including water skiing. Water Skiing on the Sea of Galilee is possible from Dugal Beach (972 4 673 2226), the beach at kibbutz Ein Gev and Tsemach Beach among others. At Amnon Beach B-Oz Extreme offers water ski and wake board lessons for those 5 years and up. Golan Beach on the eastern shore is also a popular family beach where there are water sports available and a beach bar and restaurant. This is only a small sample of the beaches along the Sea of Galilee where you can water ski.

Tel Aviv

Menachem Begin Park (Drom Park or South Park) at 27 Biranit Street, is the site of a cable water ski drive within an artificial lake covering 50 acres. Skiing and wake-boarding is available daily except in winter. Even those with no experience can take ski lessons here although it is more popular with experienced skiers. An hour’s ski time costs about 90ILS. B-Oz Extreme Lifestyle offers ski, wakeboard and other water sport lessons in Eilat, on the Sea of Galilee and here in Tel-Aviv. In Begin Park there is a ski camp for 7 to 17 year olds in the summer, private and group ski lessons. Park Drom is the site of annual ski tournaments and a hang-out for professional skiers. There is a kiosk for food and shaded areas to sit around the lake. The park in general is a great place to visit.


Eilat is Israel’s ultimate water sport destination. There are several beaches along the coast of Eilat on the Red Sea where you can water ski and also participate in other water sports. Among the most popular is Kisuski on the Northern Beach next to the Eilat Mall. Hashmal Beach is a quiet beach where a company is based which offers a range of water experiences including paragliding, kayaking and skiing. No need to book, just arrive and they will organize your skiing experience. They also offer catamaran rental and windsurfing lessons. Check out the Water Ski Center (972 8 637 1602) and the Eilat Sport Company (972 8 634 1144).