Urban Cycling in Tel-Aviv

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 11/20/2018
If you’ve arrived in Israel and would like to do a bit of sightseeing in Tel-Aviv by bike, or if you want to avoid the city traffic then Tel-O-Fun offers you a solution. Tel-O-Fun is a bike rental system available to residents and tourists in Tel-Aviv. Throughout the city rental stations have a row of the bright green bicycles waiting for users? Each bike is locked to the bike stand and a simple procedure unlocks the bike. The bikes are one-size with 3 gears and have adjustable seats, a headlight, back light and small carrier area at the back. You can rent the bikes 24/7 and there is no need to book in advance. There are about 150 rental stations spaced within 500 meters apart. The bikes are not built to hold a child’s seat or an extra passenger on the back. The rider is responsible for his own safety as no insurance is included in the rental. Tel-Aviv is criss-crossed with many cycle paths and parks where you can cycle freely.

bike rental station

How Does Bike Rental in Tel-Aviv Work

Get to one of the bike stations where there is a service terminal in Hebrew, English and Arabic. Select whether you want a daily or weekly rental. Swipe your credit card to make a payment and you will receive a card with barcode which is used to release the bike from its docking station. Climb on the saddle and off you go!
You can return the bike at any one of the bike stations; it doesn’t have to be the same one you took the bike from. Simply lock the bike on the left hand side of one of the docking poles. Be sure to wait until you hear a click of the lock which ends the rental process.

How Much Does Bike Rental in Tel-Aviv Cost

The fee includes an access fee plus a cumulative time fee for the amount of time you have the bike. For the first half hour there is no access fee. However you can’t take a bike, ride to another station within half an hour, return the bike and then rent another bike for free. If less than 10 minutes has passed between returning one bike and the same subscriber re-renting another bike the fee will be calculated cumulatively. If you are cycling for under half an hour it will charge you only the access fee (17ILS). Each credit card can be used to register up to four subscribers. Note that there is a fine for late return of 1,200ILS up to the first 24 hours and 800ILS for each additional day of delay. The maximum fine is 4,500ILS. Rentals must be at least 18 years old and have a credit card.

Access Fee:

Daily: 17ILS (Saturdays and public holidays 23ILS)
Weekly: 70ILS

Accumulative time fee:
Up to 30 minutes: Free
Up to 60 minutes: 5ILS
Up to 90 minutes: 10ILS
Up to 150 minutes: 30ILS
Up to 270 minutes: 270ILS
And for each additional hour up to 24 hours: 100ILS

If for some reason you need more explanations or have difficulty renting your bike then see the Tel-O-Fun website; call Tel-O-Fun customer call center at *6070 (Sunday to Thursday 07:00-21:00 and Fridays and public holidays 07:00-14:00) or visit their Customer Service Center in the Tel-Aviv Municipality Building (Sunday-Wednesday 08:00-18:00 and Thursday 08:00-15:00).
For more details visit the official site of Tel-O-Fun