Top 10 Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
Tel Aviv is a real foodie destination with restaurants serving food from around the world plus the savoury local delicacies. You’ll find kosher and non-kosher restaurants in the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv. If you “keep kosher” you can look out for the kosher sign outside Tel Aviv restaurants or ask the proprietor for their kosher certificate. Kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv serve either meat or dairy based food. Kosher Tel Aviv restaurants are closed on religious holidays and the Sabbath. Here are some of the top Tel Aviv kosher restaurants.

1. Lechem Basar - Hangar 14, Tel Aviv Port 

This restaurant is called Meat and Eat (Bread and Meat in Hebrew); it serves up delicious meals made from fresh local ingredients with a focus on quality cuts of meat and breads freshly baked in the taboon oven. The Menhadrin kosher restaurant has a second branch at the Tachana complex. On the menu are dishes that highlight meat and bread but combine them with many delicious side dishes. One of their popular dishes consists of a freshly backed loaf of bread stuffed with ground beef or lamb and smothered in tahini sauce. If you’re not in the mood for meat there are other menu items like white fish ceviche and quinoa salad.

2. Blue Sky by Meir Adoni - 10 Eliezer Peri St.

This chef-owned dairy restaurant is situated on the roof top of the Carlton Hotel with stunning sea views. The menu will delight non-meat eaters and even carnivores will find themselves not missing meat. The kitchen uses only the very best ingredients – artisan cheeses, fresh fish and quality oils and vegetables.

3. Mike’s Place - 14 Ha-Arba’a St. 

Note that there is a chain of Mike’s Place restaurants and not all of them are kosher. This one however gives you the classic Mike’s Place hospitality and atmosphere with kosher food as well. There is a casual American sports bar atmosphere in this bar/restaurants. You’ll also get live entertainment, good beer and classic pub grub. On the menu are dishes like chicken wings, fajitas and burgers. Prices are reasonable and Mike’s has been said to serve up some of the best burgers in the city.

4. Lumina by Meir Adoni- 10 Eliezer Peri St.

Lumina is the baby of Chef Adoni, the Golden Boy of Israeli cuisine and one of the judges on a famous TV cooking reality show. The bistro-style eatery serves Adoni’s interpretation of traditional Jewish dishes. Adoni serves up complex dishes with many elements which bombard the senses with color, aroma and flavor. Here you’ll find foods from a number of different Jewish traditions around the world – from the Yemenite kubana bread to the Asian sea Carpaccio, fish and chips, Hungarian crepe and Moroccan couscous. A true blend of traditional Jewish foods from around the world but with an Israeli slant. Lumina is on the first floor of the Carlton Hotel facing the Mediterranean.

5. Goshen - 30 Nahalat Binyamin St.

This well known eatery on the trendy pedestrian market street of Nachalat Benyamin serves up large portions of meat and tons of flavor. The restaurant menu reflects Goshen’s Jewish roots but the emphasis is on the meat! The kitchen uses meat aged in a cold-cabinet at the restaurant entrance. Whether its veal, lamb or aged Prime Entrecote you’re craving this is the place for true carnivores. The restaurant has subdued lighting, an intimate atmosphere and a large window looking onto the kitchen.

6. Maganda - 26 Rabbi Meir St.

This small down-to-earth establishment has been in business since 1965. The family run restaurant is in the home built by their grandfather back in 1927 in the Yemenite Quarter. The restaurant food was inspired by their mother’s cooking. The eatery serves up no-frills grilled meats and classic Israeli side dishes. Prices are extremely reasonable and the menu is extensive. On offer are typical Israeli meals found in Israeli homes and Israeli street food restaurants. You can fill up on Israeli comfort food for under 100 ILS with mouthwatering dishes like chicken hearts, goose livers, lamb chops, falafel, stuffed peppers, stuffed vine leaves, humus and endless Israeli salads.

7. Deca - 10 HaTa’assiya St.  

If you’re craving fish this is the place to visit. The gourmet dairy chef restaurant has a range of dishes on the menu but is best known for its fish dishes. The French-inspired menu includes mouthwatering dishes like bouillabaisse soup, red tuna fillet, salmon sashimi and grilled vegetables. Their desserts are to die for like the tiramisu and the malabi crème. The décor adds to the dining experience. There is exposed concrete, crisp white tablecloths, subdued tones and a high ceiling. In these tranquil surroundings you can drool over fish garnished with okra, chickpeas, roasted eggplant and onions all sautéed in yogurt with wild oregano.

8. The Chinese Wall - 26 Mikvah Yisael St. 

This is the best kosher Chinese restaurant in the city. The décor is simple with just a few red lanterns but the food is top of the line. Surprisingly the quality food is not over priced. The restaurant uses handmade wontons and egg noodles. Expect to find all the classic Chinese dishes made in the traditional way. Try the dim sum, dumplings or the potsticker.

9. West Side - 19 HaYarkon St.

Try the gourmet Asian cuisine at this chic restaurant. Housed in the Royal Beach Hotel facing the sea. West Side excels in classic seasonal gourmet dishes like goose confit and beef filet.

10. CÀ PHÊ HANOÏ - 3 Malchei Israeli St.

Bite into the Bo Buns, Gua Baos or Nems to be transported to Vietnam. The delicious French/Asian fusion food (with an Israeli twist) is served in traditional bamboo baskets and the décor compliments the vibrant atmosphere. The food is innovative and a multi-sensory experience. The kitchen uses locally sourced ingredients together with ingredients imported from Vietnam.