Top 10 Tel Aviv Nightclubs and Bars

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
The White City never sleeps, it is a party oasis in the Middle East. Israeli’s don’t need an excuse to party, the city has many diverse nightclubs, bars, wine bars, cafes and restaurants. Thursday and Friday nights are the most popular party nights but the venues are generally open seven days a week. The parties get going relatively late in Tel Aviv so don’t consider arriving at a nightclub before 11pm or going home before 3am or 4am. Restaurants on the other hand usually stay open until 1pm except for a few popular “fast food” type places that locals can direct you to. Kiosks selling cigarettes and small items often stay open all night but they are not allowed to sell alcohol from 11pm to 7am. Drinking age in Israel is 18 but some clubs have an entrance policy of 21 or even 24.

Cat and Dog Club, 23 Carlibach St.

This “underground” club has a bit of a down-and-dirty reputation and the party really gets going at about 3am. The music is a mix of techno, house and electro. They have an excellent sound system and a lineup of top DJs. Sundays is casual, Mondays sees guest DJs and on Fridays the place is packed, loud and dynamic.

HaOman 17 Club, 88 Abarbanel St.

This mega-club has three levels of dance floors and they host DJs from around the world. The club hosts very popular gay events including the Shimon Shiraz FFF party line and Forever TLV party line. Of course even if you’re straight you will still be welcome and the gay events usually have dance performances, special effects and scenery.

TLVnight, 33 Hen Blvd, Tel Aviv (Tel: 972 52 837 50 31)

Trip advisor rates this as the top nightlife experience in Tel Aviv although it is not a club rather a pub crawl. Take one of the TLVnight tours to help you navigate the Tel Aviv nightlife led by a young local who knows where to find the best parties. They offer a pub crawl ($23); a culinary tour ($100); a complete party weekend ($170) and several other options. Not only will you be introduced to Tel Aviv nightlife but you will meet fellow travelers from around the world who are also taking the tour.

Dream Exhibition, Ibn Gvirol 30

This is a sophisticated club with luxury furnishings, 360° LED screens and state-of-the-art sound system. There is a 24 age restriction and the music is mainly rock, electro, main stream and house.

Beer Garden, Sarona Center, Aluf Albert Mendler 3

People come here to enjoy a superior experience of good food, good beverages and pleasant background music of main stream and world music. The décor is reminiscent of an upper class European pub with polished brass, soft lighting and wooden furniture. To accompany your beer there is a selection of small meals in the gastro-pub style. Patrons are allowed to smoke here as there is outdoor seating. This sophisticated venue opens at 4pm Sunday to Thursday and from 12 noon on Fridays and Saturdays. The Beer Garden stays open until the last customer leaves.

Zou Bisou-Bar, Cocktails & Dinner, Ben Yehuda St. 186

Tel Aviv’s ultimate cocktail bar also serves small dishes and provides great background music. The crowd here is generally over 26 and Zou Bisou is frequented by many English-speakers. The venue provides valet parking service to save you the parking headache. The décor and style is inspired by the glamour of the Mad Men TV series and New York 1950s clubs. There is indoor and outdoor seating. Here people come for intimate meals, long evenings nursing a drink and chatting with friends or to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Valium, Nightclub and Rooftop, Ben Yehuda 1

Marketed as the city’s most luxurious nightclub this venue is located on the 5th floor of the Migdalor Building offering views across the city. The spacious club covers a massive 10,500 square feet and the space has been filled with strategically placed lounge-like couches. Valium has two venues in one. There is the high-energy, state-of-the-art dance venue with techno, hip hop and house music played by top DJs. Then there is the quieter rooftop venue also with DJs and its own sleek style. They offer a full menu eating experience. The venue is closed on Sunday nights, Wednesday is Club House night, Tuesday is students night, Mondays are for over 26 year olds and Saturday nights are for over 24s.

KTOVT, Mikvah Israel

Ktovt (address in Hebrew) is one of Tel Aviv’s “underground” clubs. This alternative nightlife venue attracts an eclectic crowd of fashionistas, party promoters, LGBT and dedicated club-hoppers. Happy Hour is from 9pm-11pm when the drinks are cheap. The club DJs are both local and international and there is a 70s themed room, walls draped in hanging plants and strange décor. This club is for those who really want to dance the night away. The club opens at 9:30pm and stays open until 4am.

Kuli Alma, Mikve Israel 10

This is a relatively new club which has shot to fame for its dynamic multiple indoor rooms leading to an outdoor courtyard via a winding staircase. The club is devoted to dance, music and art. Night owls are introduced to the local artists through displays of their work as the club is owned and run by a collective of Tel Aviv DJs, artists and party celebs. A kaleidoscope of the arts encompassing vintage film, murals, art clips, visual arts and street art come together with the nightclub vibe. Patrons can view rotating exhibitions in the new cylindrical gallery space. Top musicians and DJs perform in the dance-conducive room while others retreat to the U-shaped bar area. The club serves an Israeli vegetarian menu, beer and cocktails.

The Block, Salame 157

This techno-trance club hosts leading international DJs and has won several awards for the best nightclub and best party lines. It was even given a shout-out by BBC Radio 1 for having one of the best sound systems in the world. The club has recently been renovated and boasts a dance floor, lounge room and intimate bar. The best parties take place here on Thursdays and Fridays.

Pasaz, Allenby St. 94

This is a popular spot for up-and-coming new artists. Each night a different local DJ, musician, singer or band performs. The venue is also known for its long hours. Patrons arrive early and leave late (or rather early in the morning). The music styles are diverse with everything from funk to soul and hip hop to electro.

For more dynamic nightclubs and bars in Tel Aviv try Biggy-Z; Nanuchka; Dizzy Frishdon; Lima Lima. You’ll find clubs and pubs along Lilienblum Street, in the Port area, the northern end of Ben Yehuda Street. Along the beachfront and for trendy bars and restaurants just take a stroll down Ibn Gvirol Street.