8 Best Nightclubs in Tel Aviv

By Sarah Mann | Published on 5/19/2024
Tel Aviv’s not known as the ‘City that Never Sleeps’ for nothing!  Along with its stunning beaches, fashionable restaurants, beautiful Bauhaus architecture and pretty people, this is a city that comes to life when the sun goes down and for party lovers and thrill lovers, the city is packed full of nightclubs, all with their own style and charm.  

Whether you’re looking for a chilled outdoor scene, clubs that give dance lessons before the party starts, or ‘underground vibes’ with hard-core techno you’ll find it in the Non-Stop City - Tel Aviv has bars and clubs to suit every taste and budget.  So prepare yourselves, and rest before you hit the town, because chances are you might not return to your bed before the sun comes up…

1. Kuli Alma

Nestled in South Tel Aviv, and a bit of a neighborhood institution, you’ll find Kuli Alma (‘The Whole World’ in Aramaic, the language spoken in Israel in ancient times).  Owned and operated by a number of DJs, artists and party people, it’s a cool underground bar that’s consistently voted one of Tel Aviv’s best night clubs and if you visit you’ll know why.  

Kuli Alma has a number of rooms, all playing different music…and the fact that it’s split into levels means it’s a club, bar, art space and entertainment hub all rolled into one.   Cool, hip and artsy, if you want to experience Tel Aviv like the locals do, this is where to head.  The music tends to be electric (and gets more extreme as the night goes on).  Arrive before 11 pm if you don’t want to join a line and expect it to be packed on the weekends.  Unmissable.

2. Jimmy Who

This lounge bar on Rothschild Boulevard is a tried-and-tested favorite on the Tel Aviv club scene, and an ideal spot for clubbers who like electronic music (save for Mondays, when the beats are more techno and house)  Split into three different spaces. 

Jimmy Who offers clubbers a large dance space, a designated smoking area and a buzzy atmosphere.  Good drinks, although a little pricey, and themed evenings make for plenty of fun. Prepare to party in the early morning!

3. Shalvata

If you want to party next to the Mediterranean coastline, under open skies and aren’t too worried about the price tag, then Shalvata is the spot for you.  This lounge bar, in the heart of the Tel Aviv Namal Port area, is popular both with locals and tourists, and because it's set up as both open plan and open air, it’s an amazing place to drink a beer in the afternoon then just dance all evening and into the small hours.

Shalvata’s music is quite mainstream, but the atmosphere is great - expensive sound system, modern lighting, live shows - and the vibes chilled.  The whole ‘indoor-outdoor’ concept is quite unique by Tel Aviv nightclub standards, and at the weekends - with the DJd in overdrive - expect it to be crowded.  

4. Sputnik

Down a small alleyway, off Allenby Street, down in historic Tel Aviv, you’ll find Sputnik, a club that opened in 2016 and in no time at all gained cult status.  Describing itself as a ‘multi-retro futuristic bar’ it has wildly cool decor (think mannequins, street signs and odd paintings) and is known for its specialty cocktails and light bites.

For those that want to dance, head inside to the large dance floor where.  techno music rules the scene but different DJS work each night.  With an underground feel to it, Sputnik tends to host a young, hipster crowd but the atmosphere is so welcoming and staff so friendly that, no matter your age, you're bound to have fun.

Best Nightclubs in Tel Aviv

Credit: Sputnik Insagram

5. Havana

If you’re a fan of Latin music and dance, you can’t miss the Havana club down in Tel Aviv’s business district.  With three different rooms where you can take lessons at the beginning of the evening, as the night progresses the place fills up.  The largest space has an enormous parquet floor which is perfect for those wanting to discover their inner dancer or just strut their stuff and it’s a great place both to brush up on basic steps or simply perfect your moves.

Salsa and bachata songs are very popular here and the expensive sound system and great cocktails just add to the magic.  The reasonably priced food menu and outdoor seating areas are both bonuses!  Be prepared for Havan to be busy on the weekends but if you’re a night owl then you’re in luck because it’s often open until 5 am.

6. Duplex

With multiple dance floors and a rooftop space as well, Duplex is known for its diverse music scene, including 90’s rock, hip hop, reggae and themed events.  Located in hipster Florentin, the biggest bonus for many is that there’s no smoking allowed inside the club (nicotine addicts can head to the balconies).  With DJs who know their stuff and a relaxed crowd, you get several experiences for the price of one ticket!  

Duplex Insagram

Credit: Duplex Insagram

7. Zoo Zoo

Located on beautiful and elegant Rothschild Boulevard, you can’t miss Zoo Zoo’s entrance because there are flamingos outside it!    Whilst it markets itself as a gastropub, there’s a fun dance floor inside and the music (Latin, reggaeton, hip hop) attracts a great crowd, particularly at the weekends when it’s packed to the gills. 

Zoo Zoo has outdoor seating, cozy corners and a small but tasty menu - the music pulses, the people are young and beautiful and you can see it’s a spot where Tel Avivis love coming to kick back after a long work week.  With every night a new experience, no wonder it's always so busy.

8. Lima Lima

With a reputation for epic partying, Lima Lima’s got to be on the list for anyone visiting Tel Aviv.   This is a spot that has a reputation for serious partying, with different themes each night (Thursdays are old school hip-hop, Friday's mainstream and each Monday it hosts a gay-friendly evening).  

With a large dance floor (always packed) and a great seating area outside, it’s well designed and with a great sound system and DJs who know what they’re doing (plus take requests), you can’t not enjoy yourself.  They also have deals for ‘all-you-can-drink bracelets’ until certain hours, so head on down to Nahalat Binyamin where you can dance for hours or just sit outside and chill.