The Red Sea Jazz Festival

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
3 min
The Red Sea Jazz Festival is an annual event held in the gorgeous beach resort city of Eilat, Israel on the edge of the Red Sea. The festival is now in its 29th years and since its initiation the festival has grown in size and importance. The Red Sea Jazz Festival plays an important role in fostering Israeli jazz talent and has also earned itself a reputation in the international jazz scene. The event takes place over four days in August at the music-inspired Prima Music Hotel and other Eilat venues.

jazz festival

In 2016 the Red Sea Jazz Festival will host a special tribute to the Israeli jazz; there will be 30 performances spanning the full spectrum of the Israeli jazz scene, showcasing the multicultural tapestry of Israeli jazz. The festival will include Israel’s greatest jazz performers who have established careers both in Israel and internationally. At the festival there will be both veteran pioneer artists responsible for establishing the jazz culture in Israel and new up-and-coming Israeli artists. This year the festival will follow a new format to salute the legendary Israeli jazz artists with original productions showing the development of jazz through the generations. In addition there will be several big name international acts including The Chick Corea Trio which will perform the final show of the festival. There will also be performances by Avi Lebovich and The Orchestra; Aharale Kaminsky; Albert Piamenta; Guy King; TATRAN; Quartet to Afrika; Shlomi Shaban; Shalom Hanoch and Maya Belsitzman among others.
Few festivals manage to continue for 30 years and this is a testament to the strong legacy and unique character of the event. In addition to the live performances the festival offers other special events like the Red Sea Jazz Festival Young Jazz Program. Young musicians will be able to join a workshop run by some of the festival performing artists. The festival will also host the Israeli Jazz Convention, discussion panels, lectures, master classes, workshops for the public and in the mornings special jazz performances geared towards children aged 5-10 years. One of the traditions of the Red Sea Jazz Festival is the Jam Session held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel poolside. The jam session starts at 11pm and the jamming continues into the night. Throughout the festival there will be a sunset jazz cocktail event on Mosh’s Beach near the Eilat Port. Entrance is free and the cocktails will be accompanied by a selection of young bands. At the end of Tuesday evening performances the party continues with a celebration of swing and jazz with DJ Yossi Swing.

Queen of Sheba hotel Eilat

Eilat is the ultimate beach resort; during the festival visitors will be able to enjoy the incredible Red Sea where there are natural coral reefs, schools of tropical fish and even dolphins. There are water sports for the whole family, cruise excursions, dreamy beaches and amazing malls. Eilat is a duty-free port city so you can shop-til-you-drop. Be sure to visit the Ice Mall which has an ice rink in the center. Visitors can also take excursions into the surrounding desert to places like Park Timna, the Dead Sea and Masada. From Eilat there are convenient day trips to Petra, Jordan, one of the seven wonders of the world. Eilat has wonderful restaurants, many specializing in seafood and you will find that Eilat hotels rival the best beach resort hotels worldwide. Visitors can enjoy the Red Sea Jazz Festival and a fantastic holiday.

Practical Information:
When: 27-30 August. Performances and events take place throughout the day from 10am to 1am.
Where: At select Eilat venues including the Crowne Plaza Hotel; Jazz Cinema; Port arena; Red Note and the Sea Club.
Admission: You can purchase tickets for individual performances or buy a festival Platinum Pass to cover all 4 days of the festival plus the final Chick Corea Trio concert; Wide Pass to cover 4 days of all festival performances not including the Chick Corea Trio concert; Daily Pass covering all performances for a specific date not including the Chick Corea concert or a Young Pass for free entry to all performances for those under 21 years.