7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv [Taste-Tested!]

By Sarah Mann | Published on 1/22/2024

Tel Aviv is known for being one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world, with dining options at every turn for those who crave plant-based cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a casual eatery or a chic dining experience, the chances are you can find it here. From seitan burgers and south Indian thalis to healthy salads and dairy-free desserts, one thing’s for sure- you’re not going to go hungry when visiting the white city.

Here are what we think are some of the best vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv…the only question is which one are you going to try first!

1. Meshek Barzilay

In the picturesque neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, you won’t just find beautiful-renovated houses and leafy side streets but the ‘Boho chic’ Meshek Barzilay, which serves upscale and elegant food in relaxed yet intimate surroundings.  A trailblazer when it comes to serving locally sourced and seasonal produce, their creative and regularly-changing menu and always crowded restaurant show just how good vegan fare can be.

best vegan restaurants in tel avivSemolina bowl filled with soy, lentils, and chickpeas in beet soup (Image source: The official Meshek Barzilay website)

Appetizers we’d recommend include the eggplant ceviche. The avocado mousse with oyster mushrooms and the black bean pate (served with an onion and garlic confit). All of the mains are delicious, but the beetroot tortellini, artichoke pizza, and veggie ‘beef bourguignon’ are exceptional. For dessert, it has to be the seasonal fruit panna cotta, served with coconut butter crumble and matcha ice cream. 

Service is professional, the drinks menu varied and there’s even a deli next door where you can pick up products to take home. What more can you ask for? (Our tip: take home some of their ‘chocolate leaves’).  

2. Goodness

If you’re the kind of vegan that hankers after the occasional plate of ‘junk food’ then head to Goodness on Tel Aviv’s King George Street. Their varied menu has something for everyone but what many diners seem to return for are their burgers and fries, which are all plant-based but taste incredible (particularly the cheeseburger with the ‘egg’ on top). Onion rings, ‘chicken’ nuggets, and their famous vegan shawarma also go down a treat and if you’re not too hungry, their hot dog will really hit the spot.

best vegan restaurants in tel avivA burger made from Beyond Meat (Image source: The official Godeness website)

Other dishes on the menu worth trying include the beetroot soup, cauliflower crepe, sliced tofu, and, of course, their famous milkshakes (which are divine). Goodness is always busy (with good reason) and the friendly, helpful staff are just another reason to give this place a try. And for anyone interested in vegan food, nearby you can take a walking tour of Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market and pick up some local goodies yourself.

3. Dosa Bar

 Indian food lovers alert! Up in the Old North, close to the Namal port and a stone’s throw from Tel Aviv’s Hilton Beach, there’s a spot you have to visit - the Dosa Bar - which, in its own words, offers 'healthy power food’ from the East which is not just 100% vegan but also sugar and gluten-free. Yes, this cute little eatery, which has plenty of outdoor seating and fairy lights strung up all over, has made a name for itself for serving the famous pancakes (dosas) filled with delectable ingredients, for which Southern India is so well-known.

Best vegan restaurants in israelThe vegan charm of Dosa Bar (Image source: The official Dosa Bar website) 

Choose from the original (made with potato batter, spicy onion, black mustard, and cumin seeds, the sweet potato (‘the orange’) the beetroot, Thai pumpkin, and sweet peas (‘the green’), or the beetroot, spinach and tofu curry (‘the purple’) and gobble it up with some delicious chutneys that accompany it. Dosa Bar also serves curries and thalis (round platters with a little bit of everything) and makes a mean mango lassi.

This really is authentic Indian food at a pretty reasonable price and the quick but friendly service makes this one not to miss.

4. Opa

This chic and innovative restaurant headed by chef Shirel Berger has really made its mark on the Tel Aviv vegan scene with its meticulously prepared dishes that have locals and tourists alike singing its praises from the rooftops.  The emphasis at Opa is less on large portions and more on quality food that’s beautifully presented - so both a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

the best vegan restaurants in tel avivImage source: Opa's official Google Maps page; Pic uploaded by Opa

Rather than ordering a la carte, the restaurant offers diners a fixed ten-course tasting menu which is designed to be both creative and surprising. Dishes are not trying to ‘recreate’ non-vegan food and the waiters will give you explanations of everything they put before you. Original creations include smoked blueberries in an asparagus green sauce, ‘lion’s mane’ mushrooms, and dishes entirely composed of fennel/tomato and hazelnut ‘ice cream’ and all of the flavors are complex and precise.

Opa isn’t a place to go if you’re ravenous - even though it’s doubtful you’ll leave hungry - but more for a culinary experience. Book in advance for this artistic food experience!

5. Cafe Michelangelo

The fact that so many committed carnivores rave about Cafe Michelangelo means they must be doing something right. This stylish little eatery, on a quiet and rather nondescript street very close to the famous Jaffa flea market, ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for tasty veggie and vegan food - not to mention delicious dairy-free cakes for an afternoon treat.

the best vegan restaurants in tel avivImage source: The Cafe Michaelangelo official Google Maps page; Pics uploaded by Cafe Michaelangelo 

The ‘Jaffa breakfast’ which comes with spreads like tahini, hummus, and sweet potato is very yummy. The artichoke sandwich, couscous and mushroom burger, and Asian noodle salad all come recommended. As for dessert, don't miss their lemon tart. Wash it down with some of their homemade lemonade or a latte with turmeric and - if you’re sitting outside - engage in some people-watching in this historic and beautiful neighborhood.

6. The Green Cat

If you’re a veggie who wants to go vegan but isn’t sure you could give up cheese, then before you give up head over to the Green Cat in south Tel Aviv. This Italian vegan restaurant has gained a stellar reputation in the city for serving ‘cheese’ atop its Neapolitan pizza that’s so good even cheese-lovers can’t tell the difference - and whether you order a slice, a personal pie or a huge family pizza, you’re guaranteed to smile when it arrives.

the best vegan restaurants in tel avivTry the Green Cat Pizza! (Image source: The official Green Cat website)

Yes, the Green Cat only uses cashew ‘mozzarella’ cheese, not to mention other high-quality vegan ingredients for the toppings - think yam, olives, and slices of seitan (‘pretend pepperoni’). The homemade tomato sauce is rich and flavoursome and the herbs they add in just make it even more heavenly. The Green Cat has a chilled vibe, plays laid-back music, and serves beer on tap - and next door is a club named Levontin 7 that has regular live concerts. Easily one of the best vegan pizzerias in Israel.

7. Alegria

Alegria, which means ‘joy’ in Spanish, is a small restaurant, somewhat off the beaten track in Tel Aviv, but that shouldn’t be a reason to deter you from dining here, because this is a place where high-quality vegan food and joyfulness go hand in hand and with a menu that’s always got something new to offer the customer, no wonder it’s a regular haunt for so many locals.  

the best vegan restaurants in tel avivAlegria: High-quality vegan food (Image source: The official Alegria website)

Where to begin? The sabich (a traditional Iraqi sandwich, served with a delicious mango-like sauce) is fantastic, the sandwiches are made with fluffy focaccia and the fennel soup is heaven in a bowl. Alegria is also famous for its salads - healthy creations and generous portions too - not to mention their vegan cheese (which you can also buy, along with pastries, at their specialty shop next door, to take home). Mains include tofu patties and vegan burgers, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, try their ‘cheesecake’ along with an iced frappuccino. Not cheap, but undoubtedly worth it.

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