Osho Israel International Festival at Giv’at Haviva

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
The Osho festival has been taking place since 2008; it is a celebration of life and spirituality. Firstly, for those who are not sure, Osho is the name given to an Indian guru, professor of philosophy and spiritual leader called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1931-1990). Osho was against organized religion; promoted meditation to music, the importance of humor, creativity and advocated an open attitude towards sex. The movement can loosely be described as one branch of Western New Age thought. The Osho Festival celebrates the teachings of Osho on the green Campus of Givat Haviva, 45 minutes north of Tel Aviv. Giv’at Haviva is a center dedicated to building a socially cohesive society. It is the largest Osho festival in the world.

The festival is a moving and spiritual experience for many and influences many lives. The festival takes place over the course of three days during which the campus becomes a small village and vision of a utopic life. Over the course of the three days there are spiritual workshops, a conference of awareness, creative workshops, parties, dancing, relaxation and freedom. There is a large swimming pool, expansive lawns, quiet places to meditate, camping areas, sleeping rooms, kid’s activities and natural vegetarian food on sale. Drawing on the teachings of Osho there are more than 1000 different experiences on offer at the festival in 10 air-conditioned halls and across the green campus. Workshops include dance movement, silence workshops, nutritional awareness, breathing and feeling, yoga, body therapy, meditation and relationship workshops among others. At night there are musical performances on three stages by leading artists and a great festival atmosphere. The range of musical genres includes everything from spiritual music, punk and grove to mellow acoustic and mystical Indian music. The parties beneath the stars continue late into the night.

Practical Information

Where: Giv’at Haviva, off route #574 between Barkai, Gan Hashomron and Harish.
When: July/August each year.
Cost: Tickets include all festival events approximately 320ILS-420ILS depending when you buy the tickets. This price includes the use of the camp ground. If you prefer it is possible to rent a room on the campus.
Contact: 052 888 3040