Jacob’s Ladder Folk Festival

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 10/9/2018
The Jacob’s Ladder Folk Festival is one of Israel’s best known festivals held annually since 1978 and is especially popular with the Israeli English speaking community having been established by immigrants from England. In keeping with tradition, in 2012 the festival will celebrate the music from a wide range of folk music genres and styles not only from Israel but from around the world. This music festival goes a step further and is a social event with spontaneous dancing in areas especially reserved for this purpose. Some of the musical styles that can be heard this year are Bluegrass, Irish jigs, American country music, blues, country rock and Israeli folk music. Together with the musical entertainment there will be opportunities for families and friends to relax or take part in fun activities.

Nof Ginsar’s idyllic location along the Sea of Galilee means that visitors can enjoy many of the surrounding attractions as well as the music, countryside and excellent weather. The festival is held bi-annually in the winter and the spring, in winter the festival is intimate and held indoors while in the spring outdoor events are held and participants can camp in the provided camp grounds.