Eilat Desert Marathon 2017

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2017

The Eilat Desert Marathon 2017 starts in the desert and ends on the shore of the Red Sea in Israel’s resort city Eilat. This run takes you through stunning scenery unlike any other course. The breathtaking landscape along the route offers desert, sea and mountains. The race is a full body and soul experience. The Eilat Desert Marathon is run in November, the beginning of Israel’s winter season. Weather is pleasant and you won’t feel the sweltering heat of the desert. The Eilat Desert Marathon 2017 will be held over the course of three days 16-18 November. The 17th November will be the main running day. Together with the races themselves there will be other activities.

The full marathon route is for experienced runners only and is classified as “extremely” difficult. However runners of all levels of fitness from professional athletes to children can take part as there are several routes. The routes of the Eilat Desert Marathon start on the Herods Hotel promenade in Eilat. The route of the full marathon takes you up Roded Creek, through the Tuchin Valley and into the Shchoret Mountains. This is where runners can experience the most beautiful views across the surrounding desert. The race ends back at the Herods promenade.

Lineup of Events for the 2017 Eilat Desert Marathon

The marathon opens with a ceremony and distribution of kits to participants on the 16th November. There will also be a fascinating Paleo Market, activities for kids and the family run. In the evening of the first day there will be cocktails in the lobby of Club Hotel Eilat; a short briefing for participants; pasta dinner and entertainment. Early the next morning the full marathon; half marathon; 10 KM and 5 KM will set off one after the other. For those not running there will be more market stalls, kid’s entertainment and family activities.At sundown the awards will be presented and you can  join in desert yoga as the sun goes down. Later that evening there will be musical entertainment a movie screening and a crazy desert party.On the final day of the Eilat Desert Marathon, Saturday November 18th, visitors and participants can take part in a myriad of activities and enjoy the stunning attractions of Eilat. You can go diving at the reef, do some tax-free shopping, join organized activities and tours.

Routes of the Eilat Desert Marathon 2017

There is a 300 m family fun run on the first day of the marathon. The second day of this three day event is the main running day. The 42.2 KM marathon is the first race of the day starting at 6am. Soon after the 21.1 KM half-marathon; 10 KM and 5 KM runs set off.  The 42.2 KM is the longest of the Eilat Desert Marathon races. It is intended for experienced runners. Professional runners should note that the course is not measurable to AIMS standards.
Whether you are coming to cheer on the runners, participate in a race or just have fun this is one of the top events in Eilat’s calendar and not to be missed.

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