Magic Rum - Martian Tent

Wadi Rum

Hotel Description

Magic Rum Camp is a popular resort in Wadi Rum, favored among visitors due to its combination of genuine Bedouin design and ambiance with advanced, modern facilities.

Many visitors go for the Martian tents to add a futuristic twist to their stay; the panoramic view is just breathtaking. People describe the sights as other-worldly, almost alien; this is why movies like The Martian and Star Wars were shot right outside the camp. 

The site offers SUV and Camel trips, Hiking trails, and Stargazing activities you should try. Guests liked the promptness of the crew; no wonder it usually gets great reviews. 


Special, authentic Bedouine atmosphere
Unbeatable views of the exotic Wadi Rum
Large Rooms and Martian Tents
A great staging point for desert excursions

Hotel Facilities

Pets Allowed

Room Description

The rooms are spacious and air-conditioned, with a private bathroom and WiFi. Martian Bubble adds to the futuristic, stylish experience.