Hanina Gallery

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 1/1/0001

Plan Your Visit

  • Location: 5 Shvil HaMeretz, Tel Aviv Pro Tip: This gallery has changed locations a few times over the years, so ignore any other addresses online - this is the right one!
  • Open Times: Wednesday 12:30-19:00, Thursday 13:00-19:00, Friday and Saturday 11:00-15:00.
  • Prices: Free
  • Average Visit Duration: 1 hour.
  • Popular Times: Friday and Saturday.
  • Special Events: The museum’s regularly changing exhibitions are advertised on its website.
  • Tours: Take a private tour and tailor-make it to cover the Hanina Gallery and other hot Tel Aviv cultural and art venues.

If you love independent art galleries, and finding hidden gems then Hanina is for you. Originally founded in Jaffa in 2008 by Jonathan Hirschfeld and Yakir Segev, today Hanina is a non-profit gallery owned by a collective of young Israeli artists.  The gallery’s location in the Shapira neighborhood, in South Tel Aviv is off the beaten path for most visitors to the city.

Pro Tip: Wondering where the name comes from? The Hanina Contemporary Art Gallery was originally at 25 Hanina Street in Jaffa. The literal translation of the word “Hanina” is pardon, amnesty, mercy, or compassion.

The gallery owners strive to promote diversity throughout the Israeli art world and give a platform to artists who often go unheard. In addition to the visual artwork, the gallery also hosts lectures, film screenings, and events to promote intercultural dialogue. The fact that this is a non-profit enterprise gives the artists freedom that is often missing in other more formal institutions. Every artist involved in the Hanina Gallery has a passion for what they do and for the social change art can often initiate.

Thanks to the guiding principles of this gallery, the work exhibited here truly provides a space for different voices, not usually heard in Israel’s commercial art world including artists of all generations, and all artistic styles no matter what message their art is trying to express.

Pro Tip: Hanina Gallery is located in an area that tourists don’t usually get to, and there isn’t a lot to see there. However, within a few minutes’ walk from Hanina Gallery you can find several other small galleries and art studios. For example, Artspace Tel Aviv, Five Easy Pieces Art Salon, Ofer Zick Art and Design Studio, Studio Liat Segal, Raw Art Gallery Showroom, and Dvir Gallery.

What’s On at the Hanina Gallery

The group of artists presenting their creations at Hanina Gallery are a diverse bunch, they include artists with classical training and others who are self-taught. In addition to the gallery’s regular themed exhibitions or exhibitions of a particular artist’s work, they also host live performances and art workshops. The artists that run the gallery work together democratically, each with their autonomy over their own projects, but collaborating on gallery decisions.