The 7 Best Bakeries in Tel Aviv

By Sarah Mann | Published on 4/14/2024

Beaches, galleries, boutiques, nightclubs, Bauhaus architecture…Tel Aviv has them all - and if you’re intent on exploring them all, then you need to fuel up. And forget lunch and dinner - today we’re talking carbs, both sweet and savoury, and in the form of baked goods.

The fact is that Tel Aviv isn’t just famous for classic Israeli street food and fine dining restaurants - it’s also home to some fabulous bakeries, where you can start your day with a pain au chocolat, stop for a well-deserved afternoon sweet treat or even pop in the late evening for a little something to end your day.

Here are seven bakeries you have to check out when visiting the White City…just make sure you have no diet plans when you set off!

1. Lehamim

We have to start with this chain of kosher bakeries (several Tel Aviv locations) because it’s simply out of this world when it comes to sweet treats. Renowned for their breads, you’ll be blown away by the choice - pumpernickel and raisin loaf, sourdough and the legendary challah (served on every Israeli table on Shabbat) which Israelis queue for on Friday lunchtime.

The sweet treats at Lehamim don’t disappoint either - cookies, rugelach, chocolate Babka, almond croissants, plum cake…you won’t know where to begin. And their legendary ‘Krem Schnitt’ (filled with custard and chantilly cream) is so good there are few words to describe it. This is the perfect place to indulge - your waistline won’t thank you for it but your tastebuds will.

2. Dallal

Nestled in the heart of Neve Tsedek, one of Tel Aviv’s most charming and picturesque neighborhoods, you’ll find the Dallal Bakery, beloved by locals and visitors alike. A team of savvy bakers, supervised by pastry chef Timor Levi, work throughout the day to produce traditional baked goods which combine classic European influences with Israeli flavors - and few leave disappointed.

Whether you’re looking for a bagel, a brioche, a croissant (their almond variety is legendary) or a puff-pastry apple caramel turnover, you’ll sigh with delight once you taste it. Have it with coffee (they make a mean espresso) and kick back with a book, or ‘grab and go’, heading to one of Tel Aviv’s nicest beaches, where you can enjoy your fare with a Mediterranean view.

3. Stefan Austrian Bakery

Just a couple of minute’s walk from the city’s famous Carmel Market, Stefan’s the place to go if you want a slice of Vienna in Tel Aviv. This Austrian bakery has a reputation for serving the most incredible apple strudel and Sachertorten (a legendary chocolate cake that dates back to the 1800s and has never gone out of style).

Stefan, the warm and friendly owner, also makes all of the ice creams on the menu - in-house - and visitors rave about it, particularly the range of flavors (watermelon, coconut, clementine…!)  Rich, creamy, dense and not too sweet, it goes perfectly with a slice of strudel or any other baked good in the place. Stefan Austrian Bakery is simply unmissable.

4. Urban Bakery

If you find yourself in Noga, a trendy neighborhood in south Tel Aviv, then head straight to the Urban Bakery, which serves up high-quality pastries (made in-house), and strong coffee in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Beloved by locals, who come here for breakfast pastries and lunchtime sandwiches and pizza, the staff are friendly and helpful and everything tastes good.

Urban Bakery is French-inspired, so expect almond croissants, macarons, and cream puffs filled with creme patisserie as well as time-honored classics like chocolate chip cookies, poppy seed cake, and gooey brownies. With its Bohemian vibe, it’s the perfect place to start your morning if you’re intent on exploring Old Jaffa.

5. Maison Kayser

This bakery, cafe and dessert store (with three branches across the city, the most popular probably at the Namal port) is always busy, so expect to wait (especially on Fridays). However, the wait will be worth it…whether you want bread, croissants, cakes, or some wonderful patisserie, you’ll find it here.

Visitors rave about the apple chausson (the French equivalent of the apple turnover), pistachio financiers, chocolate eclairs and their berry tartlets but there are plenty of savory options too, including baguettes filled with cheese and salmon and delicious quiches. Admittedly the prices are high at Maison Kayser, even by Tel Aviv standards, but after a bite, you won’t regret splashing the cash.


If you’re hankering for a taste of the United States, then head to NOLA Bakery on trendy Dizengoff Street. This bakery’s been a major hit with both locals and tourists since it opened back in 2012, the brainchild of Tayla Rasner, who drew on her New Orleans’ heritage and dreamed up a menu that soon convinced Israelis that American bakeries could be worth visiting! 

Along with the staples (salmon and cream cheese bagels, fluffy American pancakes, sweet cupcakes and chewy Brownies), there are more unusual dishes like the ‘Blackstone Biscuit’ (a buttermilk biscuit served with poached eggs and Hollandaise), healthy granola with yogurt and fruit, enormous healthy salads (try the wheat berry with roasted pumpkin) and their famous Club Sandwich, served wight both turkey and bacon!)

The accompanying retro decor and child ambiance make this a must-visit bakery if you’re in the neighborhood.

Open-faced buttermilk biscuit topped with 2 poached eggs, grilled tomatoes and Hollandaise Sauce, served with a green salad

7. Milk

This hipster bakery is perfect for visiting if you’re wandering around Jaffa and ready to take a break. A moment from the famous Jaffa Flea Market (Shuk haPishpeshim) this place is a treat, with pastries lovingly made in-house and throughout the day, as well as excellent coffee to give you a decent caffeine infusion. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple butter croissant, a slice of a pistachio-cherry cake, one of their delicious sandwiches, or some patisserie (the choux buns come highly recommended) you’ll find it at Milk Bakery.  And they also sell marvelous cakes which are perfect for a birthday celebration - the cheesecake decorated with edible flowers is a constant winner!  

Sitting at Milk, soaking up the ambiance of Old Jaffa and people-watching?  Is there anything better to do when on vacation?

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