7 Best Cafés in Tel Aviv

By Sarah Mann | Published on 5/30/2024
If you’re a caffeine addict, and constantly in search of the perfect cup of coffee, you’re going to be in your element in Tel Aviv.  The city is awash with fantastic coffee shops, nearly all of them independent, with lots of individual charm and atmosphere.  

The fact is that there’s a serious coffee culture in this city, ​​with many of the cafes roasting their own beans and selling bags of carefully- considered, customized blends to grateful locals.  Most of them also serve great food, ranging from light bites to large plates that will keep you satisfied until dinner time.

Yes, when it comes to cafes in Tel Aviv, you’re spoiled for choice…every neighborhood is awash with spots where you can grab a quick espresso, order a latte with almond milk, or just sit with a ‘Cafe Hafuch’ (the Israeli equivalent of the cappuccino) and savor that feeling you get when the caffeine kicks in.

The Rothschild Coffee Spot

How much is a cup of coffee in Israel?

We won’t sugarcoat it - Tel Aviv doesn’t fall in the ‘super cheap’ destinations list when it comes to accommodation, food and caffeinated beverages, and it’s certainly up there with the more costly cities of London, Paris and New York City.

Having said that, once you’ve ordered your drink, you’re not going to be rushed and it’s quite common to see locals and tourists alike lingering over their cups for an hour or two while people-watching in the White City.

In general, a cappuccino will cost you anywhere from 14-18 NIS ($4-5) depending on how fancy the place is - and if you’re sitting at a beachfront cafe, or want an iced coffee, it might be even a bit more costly.  A tip for those on a budget - head to the chain Cofix, where a regular coffee to takeaway is half the price (in the summer, pick up an ice cafe and head to the beach for a truly heavenly experience).

In the meantime, here’s what we reckon are nine of the best cafes in Tel Aviv.  The only question is…which one should you begin with?

1. CafeXoho

Cafe Xoho heads our list because it's truly one of the most beloved cafes in Tel Aviv, boasting a laid-back vice, a covered patio and home-cooked healthy (and usually vegetarian) food.  

Describing themselves as a ‘little cafe with big ideas’ the stars of the show include fluffy pancakes, homemade bagels and a mean breakfast burrito.  And if coffee isn’t your thing, you can order a masala chai, a banana smoothie or even a mimosa! All food is made in-house and it’s a great place to sit with a book and while away the hours.

With great staff, amazing food and a creative vibe, Cafe Xoho is a true rockstar!

Address: Ben Yehuda St 73, Tel Aviv

2. Tony and Esther

Situated in the Shuk Levinsky, close to Tel Aviv’s hipster Florentin, Tony and Esther is a wonderful neighborhood cafe that serves not just great coffee but tasty vegan food and some very creative cocktails!  Yes, this is a cafe in the morning, a restaurant at lunchtime and a restaurant/bar at night.

With its spacious patio (and you don’t find many of these in Tel Aviv), there’s a very ‘local’ vibe at Tony and Esther, with music chosen both by employees and customers, and the lines get long as the sun goes down.  The cheese blintzes, black lentil salad and schnitzel all come highly recommended and you can’t go wrong with any kind of coffee you order.

Address: Levinski St 39, Tel Aviv

3. Origem

Close to the beautiful Hilton Beach (arguably one of Tel Aviv’s loveliest stretches of white sand) on trendy Dizengoff Street you’ll find Origem, established by two Brazilians who came to live in Israel and wanted to offer quality coffee to the locals.  Well, they’ve accomplished their mission.

The coffee is roasted on-site (and you can also buy it in 250g bags) and the flavors change regularly, depending on the beans they’re using.  They also serve small sandwiches, little cheese balls and chocolate Alfajores, which are magnificent.  The baristas know what they’re doing and it shows.  

Get yourself to Origem - it’s small and cozy but you can also sit outside, at one of their few tables. You won’t be sorry.

Address: Dizengoff St 203, Tel Aviv-Yafo

4. Yom Tov

A stone’s throw from the city’s vibrant and lively Carmel Market (the perfect place to take a food tour of Tel Aviv) you’ll find Cafe Yom Tov, on the same named street.  ‘Yom Tov’ in Hebrew means ‘Good day’ and that’s what you're going to have if you come here.  It has a great vibe and indoor and outdoor seating and it's the perfect place to come for brunch.

As well as the hot drinks (including fine coffee), people rave about their brisket sandwiches (served with pickles!), their acai bowl with fruit and date syrup and their legendary chocolate chip cookies.  For those who want to work, there’s an area for those with laptops (not all cafes in Tel Aviv allow this!)   Authentic to a tee, Cafe Yom Tov is a great place to kick back and afterward wander in the area’s pretty Yemenite Quarter.

Address: Yom Tov St 30, Tel Aviv

5. Pua

There’s no place like Jaffa - ancient, magical, evocative - and there’s no place like Puaa, a neighborhood cafe close to the famous flea market that’s a veritable institution.  With its authentic vibes, and vintage style (including mismatched crockery and old sofas) it may well remind you of your grandmother’s house - in a good way - and its chilled atmosphere, makes it perfect for a lazy breakfast, lunchtime drinks, or a laid back dinner.

Pua - One of the best places, located at the Jaffa Flea Market

Puaa’s quite eclectic in its offerings - think spinach and lentil dumplings, clementine and pomegranate juice, fried cauliflower with labneh - and the staff are friendly and welcoming, never making you feel like you’ve overstayed your welcome.  Best of all, all the furniture is for sale, so you can buy that cup and saucer your coffee was served in!

And for those who really fall in love with the area, you can always take a walking tour of Jaffa to learn more about its history and charm.

Address: Rabbi Yohanan St 8, Tel Aviv

6. The Little Prince

Book lovers, this one’s for you!  Set just off the famous King George Street in downtown Tel Aviv, you’ll find The Little Prince, which is not just a lovely little cafe but a great bookstore, selling lots of printed matter not just in English but also Hebrew, French and German.  Beloved by local students, it’s the perfect place to come, have a drink and a snack and get some work done.

The Little Prince boasts extremely friendly staff, vintage furniture, decent wifi and light bites.  As well as the inside (where you can surround yourself with the marvelous smell of printed matter) there’s a back garden (not everyone knows about it!) to sit in on warm days.  Flaneurs and Bohemians will never want to leave, once they’ve discovered this little gem.

Address: King George St 19, Tel Aviv

7. Cafe Noir

Last but not least on our list is Cafe Noir, a classy cafe/restaurant in the old historic part of Tel Aviv, close to trendy Rothschild Boulevard, where you’ll find so many gorgeous Bauhaus buildings.  Intimate, elegant and charming, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Paris or Vienna, with its ‘bistro style meets old-world charm’ feel.

As well as coffee, beer and aperitifs, they have a good menu, which includes legendary dishes such as the chicken liver pate and veal schnitzel) and This is a great place for a date (when they turn the lights down and put on the jazz, it’s super romantic) or a spot to celebrate a special occasion.  It’s also excellent for pre or post-theatre suppers since the Israeli theatre Ha Bima and the Israeli Opera House are close by.

Finally, Tel Aviv is a paradise for coffee enthusiasts. The city's vibrant coffee culture, characterized by an abundance of independent cafes, each brimming with unique charm and atmosphere, makes it a must-visit destination for anyone in search of the perfect cup. Whether you are savoring a robust espresso, a frothy cappuccino, or a creative blend, the city's baristas take pride in their craft, often roasting their own beans and creating customized blends that cater to every palate. Despite the higher prices, the quality of the coffee and the inviting ambiance of these cafes make it worth every shekel. So, whether you're a local or a tourist, take your time to explore the diverse coffee spots Tel Aviv has to offer. From the laid-back vibe of Cafe Xoho to the bookish charm of The Little Prince, there’s a perfect spot for every coffee lover. Grab a cup, sit back, and enjoy the rich flavors and vibrant scenes of Tel Aviv’s coffee culture.