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We drive to Bethlehem and visit the Church of Nativity, site of Jesus birth. We visit St. Catherine Church and the Milk Grotto where Mary nursed Jesus. Leaving Bethlehem we pass Shepherd's Field and the Inn of the Good Samaritan heading south. We look over Wadi Kelt and see the Monastery of St. George clinging to the side of the steep cliffs. Pause for a photo-op at sea level then visit Jericho and the archaeological mound where the remains of 25 ancient civilizations were discovered.

Wichtige und nützliche Hinweise

  • The private tour price is determined by distance, vehicle size, language and duration of the tour.
  • The base price includes 10 hours a day , Each additional hour- $40
  • Entrance fees, meals, parking fees, toll roads and tips are NOT included.
  • Accommodation is not included in the price.
  • Guide's overnight is not included in the price.
  • On Saturdays and Jewish holidays a supplement of $125 per day will apply.
  • Passport compulsory.

  • This tour is subject to Palestinian authority regulations.

  • Modest dress: Covered shoulders / No shorts.

  • Palestinian guide meets tour only at border post.

  • Change of vehicle is required for entry to Palestinian Authority territory.

  • This tour is combined with a Palestinian driver & guide.

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Leave Jerusalem for neighboring Bethlehem (City of Bread) hometown of King David and birthplace of Jesus. From Manger Square walk to the Church of Nativity and descend to the grotto, the place where Jesus was laid in the manger. Also visit the Catholic church of St. Catherine, the Greek church, the Milk Grotto where Mary fed Jesus and Shepherd's Fields. Pass the Inn of the Good Samaritan on the descent to the Judean Desert and overlook Wadi Kelt and the Monastery of St. George. Overlook the breath taking view of the moon landscape Judean Desert. Short stop at sea-level and continue to Jericho - the oldest city in the world, where we stop at the ancient mound and the crumbled Canaanite walls as we recall the conquest of the city by Joshua. We stop at the sycamore tree which Zachaeus climbed in order to get a better view of Jesus and stop for overview of Mt. Temptation. Visit the mound of Ancient Jericho where 25 ancient cities were uncovered.


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