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This is a 3 day private tour. Drive south to Masada and see the incredible excavated remains of Herod's hill top palace. Spend time on the shore of the Dead Sea rejuvenating in the mineral-rich water. Explore the archaeological sites at Megiddo and in Beit Shean see the preserved remains of a Roman city and amphitheatre. You could opt to visit Gan HaShlosha or Beit Alpha to see a 5th century synagogue. Visit the mountain top city of Safed where Kabalah was born. Travel to the Rosh HaNikra grottoes on the Lebanese border, stop at the Crusader city of Acco, Caesarea and the Old Port of Jaffa. You could substitute a trip to the Montfort fortress, the artists' village at Ein Hod or a Druze village.

Remarques importantes et utiles

  • The private tour price is determined by distance, vehicle size, language and duration of the tour.

  • The base price includes 10 hours a day , Each additional hour- $40

  • Entrance fees, parking, toll road fees not included.

  • This itinerary is only a proposal, we can customize this private tour according to your wish.

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