A private tour is one which is uniquely yours. We have numerous options from which you can choose to tour in and around Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Ancient Jaffa (Joppa) was the main port of entry to the Holy Land. From here the cedars of Lebanon were brought to Jerusalem for the building of the First Temple by King Solomon. Jaffa was also where Peter performed his first miracle. Here too the American settlers, later rescued by Mark Twain, landed and erected their houses, one of which is still standing. Adjoining Jaffa is the modern city of Tel Aviv with its Bauhaus buildings. Home to many art galleries and museums including the Diaspora museum which tells the story of the Jewish people over the centuries of dispersion.

Between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are the Armored Corps museum at Latrun, the biblical gardens at Neot Kedumim and Mini Israel, with a hundred models of historic, biblical and archeological sites throughout  the country.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information and allow us to help you plan your tour.