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По Северному Израилю

По Северному Израилю

To enable you to create your own unique tour there are numerous options in the north from which to choose. We will be happy to offer you assistance with your hotel reservations.

When exploring the excavations at Caesarea you can sit in the two thousand year old seats of the restored Roman theater, which is once more in use.From Mount Carmel in Haifa you can look across the bay to Acco (Acre) and and enjoy a bird's eye view of the Bahai Gardens and gold domed shrine. In the Galilee are sites as diverse as Nazareth, childhood home of Jesus, Safed (Zfat) home of the Kabala and Sepphoris (Zipori) seat of the Sanhedrin. On the shores of the Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee, equally diverse are Tiberias, burial place of the sage and philosopher Moses Maimonides and many Christian sites and churches.

The northernmost point on the Golan Heights is Caesarea Phillipi, or Banias, one of the sources of the Jordan river and traditionally where Jesus gave Peter the keys to his kingdom. Close by is the nature reserve and excavation of biblical Dan.  While on the heights one can taste international award winning wines at modern Katzerin after visiting the ancient city of the same name. From the unused Syrian fortifications on Mount Bental one can look down on the Syrian town Kuneitra.

Please don't hesitate to send your questions and allow us to help you streamline your tour.

Назарет, Голан, Кейсария и Акко (4301)

Этот турпакет включает в себя 3 экскурсии внутрь Израиля с ночёвкой и завтраком на курорте Израильского кибуца. Посещение древних портов -  Кейсарии и Акко, Бахайских садов в Хайфе, известняковых Гротов…