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По Классическим Местам

По Классическим Местам

Russian For your convenience and to enable you to design a unique tour for yourself, your family and/or your friends, we offer more than 15 suggested day tours for you to choose from, as they are or by selecting a bit from here and a bit from there!! Over four days and more you can see Israel from Metulla in the north to Eilat in the south.

We will be happy to assist you streamline you choices and arrange hotel reservations for your overnights throughout the tour.

Some of the highlights include Jerusalem, both sites within the walls of the Old City as well those in the new city and Bethlehem. In the North you can visit the Golan Heights, Dan and Banias. In the Galilee Safed, home of the Kabala, and Sepphoris (Zipori) are a must. Along the Mediterranean coast are Crusader Acco (Acre), Roman Caesarea, Old Jaffa and modern Tel Aviv. The excavation at Megiddo (Armageddon) in the Jezreel Valley is one of the many National Parks sites.

Southwards is the most popular of the National Parks - Masada. A tour is not complete if you haven't floated in the unique Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. And at the southernmost point, at the tip of the Red Sea, is Eilat. Time permitting it is possible to arrange a one day tour to Petra.

Please do not hesitate with any clarifications you may need.

Классический Израиль: 6 дней

Классический  Израиль - 6 однодневных экскурсий и проживание на основе B&B. Посетите Иерусалим - святейший город для более чем половины населения мира, поднимитесь на Масаду по канатной дороге, чтобы увидеть…

Классический Израиль: 5 дней

Пять ежедневных экскурсий, с проживанием на основе B & B. Вы посетите Стену Плача, синагоги Еврейского квартала, Гору Цион и Музей Катастрофы в Иерусалиме. Вы увидите непрекращающиеся археологические раскопки в Городе…