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Enter the Old City through the Jaffa Gate and review 3,500 years of the history of Jerusalem in a tour of the # Citadel museum. Continue past the Armenian Quarter and the Zion Gate and stroll along the Byzantine main street, the Cardo. Although this 1,500 year old main street of Jerusalem was partially destroyed and unused during the Moslem conquest it had a brief new lease of life during the Crusader period and the excavated Crusader shops are now modern stores.

Continuing through the Jewish Quarter we marvel at the Broad Wall, the excavated and exposed foundation of the two thousand seven hundred year old wall of biblical Jerusalem built by King Hezekiah (Is22:10). At the * Herodian House we descend a few meters and find ourselves in a two thousand year old complex of homes with their original mosaic floors and mikveh (ritual purification pool).

At the Kotel, the Western Wall, we too can place a note between its stones. This two thousand year old wall is part of the encircling and supporting wall built by King Herod when the Temple Mount area was enlarged. If reservations have been made, we will walk through the * Western Wall Tunnel1,2 which has revealed the pavement along the length of the Wall used up until the destruction of the Temple, and of Jerusalem, by the Romans in 70 CE.

Walking through the Christian Quarter, we will return to the Jaffa Gate.

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Instead of the  Western Wall Tunnel it is also possible to visit the Southern excavations and the   Davidson Centre where we will see evidence of the destruction of 70 CE and will be able to stand on the 2,000 year old steps leading to the Temple Mount.

Substitute 2

Instead of the Western Wall Tunnel it is also possible leave the Old City through the Dung gate and to visit the excavations of the biblical City of David. How can we not be in awe of the ingenuity of those who sought to bring water to the people of Jerusalem, whether it be the ancient Canaanites or Hezekiah whose tunnel is described succinctly (II Kings 20:20 & II Ch32:2-4) and identified by an inscription now exhibited in a museum in Turkey.

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Visit the Temple Mount area, Sunday to Thursday at very specific hours.


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