The Talmudic Village of Katsrin

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 10/29/2018
1 min
As you tour the reconstructed Talmudic village of Katsrin in the Golan Heights, suddenly it dawns on you: you are walking the lanes of a real village mentioned in the Talmud, which has come alive again in its actual ancient location.

A kitchen, pantry, living room, bedroom and courtyard have been restored and outfitted with objects of daily life. Many of these implements are real ones that the region’s farmers continued to use until recently; all appear in actual passages from the Talmud, which makes learning about our ancestors fun.
A highlight is the visit to the remains of Katzrin’s stately Talmudic-era synagogue, where modern-day Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings can even be arranged. The younger set will enjoy making the audio-visual acquaintance of ancient sages in a presentation shown in a replica of the synagogue.  By special arrangement, bread-baking, pottery-making and even olive-pressing in season can be part of the experience.
The reconstructed village is across the street from the modern city of Katzrin, which has an archaeological museum to complement your experience, and can also be a good place for a break before or after your visit.