By Petal Mashraki | Published on 12/18/2018
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Qumran is located on the shores of the Dead sea . It became famous in 1946 when the Dead sea scrolls were discovered by a young Bedouin during archaeological excavations in the region.

Over 700 pieces of handwritten scroll were discovered.on the site.These findings were known to be one of the most important discoveries of all times . It is the most ancient biblical source of  the Hebrew script. The scrolls thousands of years old, were found in a remarkable condition, owing to the dry climate of the region that preserved them. These scrolls are kept in the Shrine of Book at Israel museum. Qumran was founded in the second century BC and is linked Aescian culture of the time. Often mentioned by Josephus Flavious. He also called it the sect of Qumran Following this discovery excavations took place on site between 1952-1956. Archaelogical findings revealed the communal way of life  of a group of men. They lived in 30 caves in the region as well as in tents and huts. Also revealed: a water cistern system, a cemetery and  ritual bathes that served the community.