Culinary tour attractions – Yemeni cuisine

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 11/20/2018
1 min
Israel is basically a country made up of immigrants and each nation brought with it a slice of their culture into the melting pot that is Israel. This means too that there is a great selection of traditional food to choose from, you can try Ethiopian, Moroccan, Iraqi, Russian or even Yemeni Jewish food when in Israel.

Yemeni traditional food is based on bread dishes they include the Kubana baked over night in a closed tin; Jachnun, thin sheets of pastry rolled together and also baked slowly in the oven; Malawah, thin layers of filo type pastry in a circular shape which is fried in a pan and served with grated tomato and white cheese and the Yemeni pita bread which is similar to regular pita but the size of a plate! Other staples in the Israeli Yemeni kitchen are Yemeni chicken soup which is made with a unique spice called Hawaij; Hilbah is a green foamy relish made from fenugreek seeds and the Yemeni hot chili relish – schug – which is made with chillis and coriander as well as several spices. While in Israel look out for a Yemeni restaurant and sample their unrivaled hospitality and delicious food.