Advertizing campaign to encourage Christian tourism from North America

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 10/2/2018
1 min

There is currently a new advertizing campaign being launched to encourage Christian tourists from North America to visit Israel. The new campaign is costing the Israeli Ministry of Tourism $1.5 million and will be using all forms of media including the Internet. Specific Christian groups like the Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics will be part of the target market and there will even be advertizing in Spanish aimed at the American Hispanic Christian population. 

Israeli tourism statistics have been rising in the last few years with incoming tourism breaking records each year starting in 2009 and continuing through to 2011, the Ministry of Tourism hopes that with this new campaign the records can once again be broken. There is already an ongoing campaign aimed at the general public which has been running in America called “Visit Israel. You’ll never be the same” but this new campaign is aimed specifically at the Christians who already comprise 40% of Israel’s incoming tourism. Israel is the ultimate Christian travel destination, no country can rival the significant Christian sites that Israel, and the neighboring Palestinian West Bank (which is accessed through Israel) offers. It was here that Jesus was born, grew up and taught, it is also where he was finally crucified. Thankfully many of the historic and Biblical sites still exist and Jerusalem in particular has a wealth of Christian sites which are unmatched.