2,300 year old port discovered in Acre

By Petal Mashraki | Published on 11/26/2018
1 min

As if Acre wasn’t interesting enough in addition to the ancient port that tourists have been visiting for decades a new port has now been discovered. At the base of the seawall on the south side of the existing port archaeologists have uncovered a port which runs all the way to Horses Beach. The port dates back to the 2nd and 3rd century BC, the Hellenistic period. Ongoing archeological digs are continuing to discover elements which have lead experts to believe that this 2,300 year old port could accommodate warships in its dock which was constructed of dressed stones to secure the large vessels to the shore. The port was first discovered during preservation work on the existing seawall in 2009 when paving stones (8 meters by 5 meters) were found beneath the sea. In addition to the quay there appear to be remains of large buildings and other artifacts like pottery fragments have been found which came from Greece. Experts think that the remains prove that the port was deliberately destroyed so they are now trying to piece this together with historic events specifically the Hasmonean revolt in 167BC. Excavation will continue in the direction of the sea but parts of the ruins go under the Ottoman city walls and so will be difficult to reach.