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Dead Sea One – Day Tours

Dead Sea One – Day Tours

For your convenience it is possible to join the tour from Netanya, Herzlia, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. At the end of your tour you will be returned to your point of departure, or, if you choose, you can remain in Jerusalem.

Descending over one thousand metres through the Judean desert to the lowest place on earth you will have the opportunity to float in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea and, if you dare, to cover yourself with the black mud which rises from the seabed. .On the shores of the Dead Sea you will explore the excavations at  Qumran where you will see the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

Continuing along the Dead Sea coast line you will be surprised at the size of the sink holes along the way.   At Masada you will see the impregnable palace/fortress built by Herod and later used by the Jewish Zealots as they attempted, unsuccessfully, to withstand the Roman siege in 73 CE.

Take your breath away Sunrise at Masada, Ein Gedi & the Dead Sea Non Guided tour (37)

This tour lets you experience the amazing sight of sunrise from the ancient fortress of Masada.
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Dead Sea Area|

Desert Safari Experience (34)

Descend to the¬†Judean Desert¬†via the¬†Inn of the Good Samaritan, and view caves at Qumran. Meet the desert vehicle and drive to Metsuke Dragot, where we enter the desert with overview of Murabat wadi and the caves. Thereafter drive through the Wadi, the mountains, and view spectacular typical desert vegetation and landscape. End…
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