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All Masada Tours

All Masada Tours

Masada & Northern Israel: 3 days (2307)

This is a 3 day private tour. Drive south to Masada and see the incredible excavated remains of Herod's hill top palace. Spend time on the shore of the Dead Sea rejuvenating in the mineral-rich water. Explore the archaeological sites at Megiddo and in Beit Shean see the preserved remains of a…
aus $1950 Jetzt buchen

Old Jerusalem, Masada & North: 3 days (2304)

Old Jerusalem, Masada and the north of Israel in a tailor-made three day package. Step back in time with a tour of the Citadel Museum, walk the Roman Cardo and the Jewish Quarter. See the Broad Wall, the Western Wall and possibly the Western Wall Tunnels. Options include a visit to the…
aus $1700 Jetzt buchen

New Jerusalem, Masada & North: 3 days (2303)

Cover Jerusalem, the north and Masada with three day tours. A few options available to you in Jerusalem are the Mt. of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum and the stained glass windows of Marc Chagall. You could opt to visit the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest neighborhoods in…
aus $1700 Jetzt buchen

Jerusalem New City and Masada: 2 days (2205)

This is a 2 day tour package. Take a tour of modern-day Jerusalem starting with a view across the city from the Mt. of Olives. Look down on the ancient Jewish cemetery and Jewish burial tombs. You may choose to visit Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum, the Chagall stained glass windows, the Dead…
aus $1050 Jetzt buchen

Old Jerusalem and Masada: 2 days (2204)

This is a private 2 day tour . See the Old City of Jerusalem, the Byzantine Cardo, in the Jewish Quarter, the 2,700 year old Broad Wall and the excavated Herodian Mansion. Spend time at the Western Wall and visit the Western Wall Tunnels. See the sites of the Christian Quarter and…
aus $1080 Jetzt buchen

Masada and Dead Sea Private Tour (2004)

Privattour bis zum Toten Meer, dem tiefstliegenden Ort der Erde, und zur 2000 Jahre alten Festung Masada.

Jewish Gems: 7 days (7007)

Take this package of accommodation and 7 day tours to cover all of Israel. In the Old City of Jerusalem see the sites of the Christian and Jewish Quarters, spend time at the Wailing Wall then visit the Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum. See King David's Tomb, restored Sephardi synagogues, and the Herodian…
aus $1050 Jetzt buchen

Masada and Dead Sea: 3 days (4305)

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Masada und Totes Meer (31)

Gehen Sie am Gasthaus zum barmherzigen Samariter vorbei zum Abstieg durch die Judäische Wüste zum Toten Meer. Besteigen Sie Masada mit der Seilbahn und sehen Sie die Überreste der herodianischen Festung, wo die Zeloten von den Römern 73 n.Chr. überwunden wurden. Genießen Sie den therapeutischen Nutzen eines Schlammbads und schwimmen Sie im…