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 This is a day of archaeological excavations in the footsteps of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament, not necessarily in the same order.

At Megiddo, perhaps one of the Israelite cities fortified by King Solomon (I Kings 9:15), you will see the ancient gateway, overlook the valley of Armageddon and explore the Canaanite water system as described by James Michener in “The Source”.

Beit Shean is where King Saul was defeated by the Philistines and where his head, and that of his sons Jonathan and Malkishua, were displayed of the walls of the city. Look up at the tel and you can almost picture it! (I Sam 31).

Below the tel are some of the best preserved Roman/ Byzantine remains, including bath-house and theatre. The rippled street and broken columns are silent testimony to the earthquake which destroyed it in the eighth century.

While traveling between the two excavations you will pass where Gideon tested his assembled his army at the 'Harod springs (Jud 7), where King Ahab had his summer palace at Jezreel and the vineyards of Naboth which he wanted for his own (I Kings 21).

 Time permitting at Gan haShlosha you will have the opportunity to relax, and maybe even swim in the 'Harod River.

Alternative Sites in immediate area

1) Beit Alpha – beautifully preserved mosaic floor of a 5th – 6th century synagogue.

2) Ein Harod – the springs where Gideon tested his assembled army to fight the Mideanites

3) Jezreel – archaeological excavation of the city where King Ahab and his consort Jezebel had a palace.

4) Gan HaShlosha – visit, relax and swim in one of Time magazine’s ten most beautiful places in the world.

5) Instead of  Megiddo, visit the Crusader fortress Belvoir, overlooking the Jordan river.

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