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Masada Tours

Masada Tours
We offer a number of different ways to explore the historic site of Masada. If arriving on a cruise and you have only a short amount of time there is a tour which includes the Dead Sea and a visit to Masada, getting you back in time for your cruise departure. If you have a whole day then visit the desert oasis of Ein Gedi on the shore of the Dead Sea; see where the Dead Sea scrolls were found in Qumran and go to the top of Masada.
Masada is a mountain-like rock outcrop which rises from the flat Judean Desert near the Dead Sea. The mount is best known as the site of King Herod the Great’s palace fortress which was constructed on the summit in 37-31BC. Masada was also the site of the Jewish rebels’ heroic last stand against a Roman siege in the Jewish-Roman War of 73AD. Visitors can take a cable car to the summit and see the well preserved remains of the hilltop fortress, storerooms, Roman bathhouse and much more including the breathtaking views of the Dead Sea.

Classical Gems: 6 days (5006)

Classic highlights 6 full day tours and accommodation on B&B basis. Visit  Jerusalem – holiest city for more than half of the world's population, ascend Masada by cable car to see 2000 years king Herod's fortress, flow on the Dead Sea- lowest place on earth, visit Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Acre, Caesarea,…
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Classical Gems: 5 days (5005)

5 full daily tours with accommodation on B&B basis. Visit the Western wall, Jewish quarter' synagogues, Mount Zion and Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, see the ongoing archeological excavations at City of David, ascend Masada by cable car, swim in the Dead Sea – lowest place on earth, visit Caesarea's ancient port that…
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Masada and Dead Sea: 3 days (4305)

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