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Tours to Jerusalem

Tours to Jerusalem
High in the Judean hills is the City of Gold; one of the oldest cities in the world and certainly one of the most beautiful and magical. Jerusalem holds deep meaning for Christians, Jews and Muslim; each of these faiths has holy sites within the city. Jerusalem‚Äôs history has been traced back more than 7,000 years; many years later Jerusalem was the setting for Biblical events and much of the Old City of Jerusalem still looks the way it did when Jesus walked the cobbled streets. The Old City of Jerusalem glistens in the Middle Eastern sun as all the structures are of white Jerusalem stone and many are topped with copper domes, steeples and towers. Visitors to Jerusalem can explore the four quarters within the Old City walls ‚Äď the Armenian, Muslim, Christian and Jewish Quarters where some of the world‚Äôs most famous landmarks are located like the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock and the Wailing Wall.

Jerusalem Old City (10)

After an overview of Jerusalem¬†and visit to the Church of All Nations in the¬†Garden of Gethsemane¬†proceed to¬†Mount Zion¬†to see the Tomb of David and the¬†Room of the Last Supper. We will walk along the¬†Byzantine Cardo, in the¬†Jewish Quarter¬†of the Old City. From the¬†Western Wall (Kotel), we will follow the¬†Via Dolorosa, the¬†Stations of…
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Jerusalem Old City – Extended visit at the Holy Sepulchre Church (18)

Panoramic view of Mount Olives, Kidron Valley and Garden of Gethsemane. On Mount Zion, visit David’s Tomb and the Room of the Last Supper. Enter Old City through Zion Gate and pass through the Armenian and Jewish Quarters. Extensive visit in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, place of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.
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Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada & Dead Sea (4202)

Spend two days touring and an overnight stay in B&B accommodation. Visit Jerusalem's Old City; see the Byzantine Cardo, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall and the four quarters which make the city a holy place for all three of the monotheistic religions. In Bethlehem see the Church of…
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Haifa Port – Jerusalem and Bethlehem (1502)

From Haifa port we travel to Jerusalem and take in the view of the city from the Mount of Olives. We drive passed ancient burial tombs in the Kidron Valley and enter the Old City's Armenian Quarter. In the Jewish Quarter we see the Byzantine Cardo and Wailing Wall. Then we walk…
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Jerusalem Private Tour: day 2 (922)

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Procession of Palm Sunday (88)

On the Sunday before Easter a procession retraces the route Jesus took on entering Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish Passover the week before his crucifixion. We will join pilgrims walking from the Mount of Olives to Saint Anne's Church in the Old City. Accompanied by singing and prayer along the way we…
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