Tour description:

Visit * Safed(not on Friday afternoon or Saturday) city of mysticism and Kabala and see the synagogues of the mystic Rabbi Isaac Luria, the Ari, and Rabbi Josef Caro, author of Shulhan Aruch. Stop in at the numerous art galleries.

Travel along the Mediterranean coast stopping first at the northernmost point, on the border with Lebanon, where we descend by cable car into the unique grottoes of Rosh haNilkra.

Explore the Crusader port of Acco and wander through the magnificent Knights’ Halls.  Above them, in the Turkish prison, see the * gallows used to hang Jewish members of the Etzel and Lechi during the Mandate Period.

Continuing southwards enjoy the panoramic view from Haifa before visiting Caesarea where we will see the magnificence of the Herodian city complete with port, palaces, bath-house, hippodrome and a restored theatre at which there are performances throughout the summer months – rock, jazz, opera and of course Israeli popular artists.

Finally we will end in Tel Aviv with a short drive through the modern city and a walk through the Old City of Jaffa.

Substitute 1

In the north, not far from Rosh HaNilkra visit the Crusader fortress at Montfort.

Substitute 2

Between Haifa and Caesarea, visit the artists’ village at Ein Hod and or the Druze village of Dalyat el Carmel.

Substitute 3

Just north of Caesarea, visit Zichron Yaakov and stop at the vineyard and at the gardens of Ramat HaNadiv, burial place of Baron Rothschild.

  Entrance fees, parking, toll road fees not included.

  Most of the sites above are closed on Fridays and Saturdays .

  The private tour price is determined by distance, vehicle size, language and duration of the tour.

  The base price includes 10 hours ,each additional hour- $40.