Day 1 of this 4 day, 3 night tour to Jordan starts when you are picked up from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and taken across the Sheikh Hussein border from Israel into Jordan. From the border it is not far to the city of Jerash where you will visit the remains of the ancient Roman city of Decapolis. The city was occupied continuously for more than 6,500years. Under Roman rule it was one of the Decapolis League of Cities. Decapolis is one of the best preserved Roman towns in the world. Excavations have uncovered colonnaded streets, mosaic floors, bath houses, public squares, fountains, gates and more. At the end of the day you travel to Amman the capital of Jordan for a panoramic tour of the city sites including the historic quarters, modern streets and citadel. Then settle in for the night in one of the Amman hotels.


Day 2 of this exhilarating tour starts with a good breakfast at your hotel then on to Mount Nebo. This was the spot were Moses stood as he looked into the Promised Land. Moses was never allowed to enter the Promised Land so this was his only sight of the country he had longed for. From this elevated location on Mount Nebo you can see as far as the Dead Sea, Jericho and the Jordan Valley. The tour continues along the Desert Highway through a dramatic landscape of mountains and sand until you reach Wadi Musa on the outskirts of Petra.

The tour enters the Petra Archaeological Park, a UNESCO site and one of the most stunning you will ever see. After walking through the narrow gorge called the Siq, flanked by towering rock cliffs you emerge into the sunlight facing one of the Petra masterpieces – the Treasury. The Treasury was one of the structures created by the Nabataean people more than 2,300 years ago. They carved out their temples, tombs and homes from the rose-colored rock cliffs. The cliff fronts are intricately decorated with carved designs. After a tour of Petra’s highlights including the obelisks, altar Al Madhbah and the colonnaded street you will return to Wadi Musa for an overnight stay.


Day 3 of the Jordan tour takes you south to Wadi Rum. Here the mesmerizing landscape conjures up images of Lawrence of Arabia who once rode across these sands. Wadi Rum’s towering sandstone and granite mountains and unusual rock formations have earned it the name Valley of the Moon. The red, gold, brown and pink shaded landscape is home to prehistoric petroglyphs on rock cave walls. This is also the site of Jordan’s highest peaks and home to Bedouin communities. You’ll be taken on a jeep safari through Wadi Rum and shown incredible sites like the Khazali Canyon and Lawrence Spring. Continuing north the tour visits Madaba, famed for its Byzantine mosaics. The most famous of them all is a mosaic floor map in the Byzantine Basilica of Saint George. The mosaic depicts the region, including Jerusalem. This is the oldest surviving map depiction of the region and Jerusalem in particular. The tour spends the night in an Amman hotel.


Day 4 is the last day of the tour when you are driven back to the Sheikh Hussein border and over the Jordan River into Israel. Your Jordanian adventure ends with you being safely returned to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

The sequence of the tour, hotels, sites and border crossing points may vary due to unavoidable circumstance.